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A Feel Great Christmas at The Mowbray

Mindfully Christmas

All the little bits that make Christmas a really fantastic time...
This year we've really focussed on a mindful festive season - with topics of locally sourced, Mowbray Made, re-usable and recycling top of the pile.   

The Festive Table

It’s a beautiful thing! We’re keeping things as natural and as plastic free as possible - so expect to see huge quantities of our trademark candles and soft spruce and pine branches on The Mowbray feasting tables this year. 
We're also partial to the lovely expansive softness of Asparagus Fern - with its ethereal touch - it's perfect for our feasting tables at it does really well in terms of shooting roots down ready to be planted after their starring role on the tables!

It’s a Cracker!

We go through a huge quality of Christmas Crackers -  so this year have chosen eco crackers that are 100% plastic free and fully recyclable. As an extra dose of goodness - a percentage of what we pay for them also goes to the charity Shelter.

14ft of Beauty

This year The Mowbray Tree is from Whirlow Hall Farm - All profits from the christmas trees go directly towards the Whirlow Hall Farm Trust charity who each year help over 10,000 children and young people,particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and the inner city.

Our Tree will be decked out traditionally and magnificently with paper craft, orange slices, Mowbray Made ginger biscuits and re-usables. 

Paper Craft

You'll also see an entire flock of beautiful butterflies on our tree that have been folded by Jasmine - our Event's Assistant! Jasmine has spent hours creating these gorgeously delicate works of art out of origami paper. The butterflies are inspired by The Butterfly Lovers - a Chinese legend that is also one of China's greatest folktales. They are Mowbray Made so definitely have a sprinkling of magic about them - so we like to think of them flying around The Mowbray on an evening after all of our guests have gone home for the evening then settling back down to rest on the tree in the morning...

Christmas Drinks

Our beautiful, hot off the press repurposed leather drinks guide will take you through from arrival drinks to something indulgent to finish your feast! In keeping with our sustainable ethos - the material for our menus was really important - and we're super pleased with the recycled leather that smells great and feels fantastic! 

We've also kept The Drinks Cabinet as local as possible with Sheffield made taking the starring role - plus we now have Abbeydale's top brew Heathen on draft! 
We've pretty much eliminated single use plastics from The Mowbray Bar which we're really pleased about! 

Christmas Food

Local ingredients, food made from scratch means everything we serve we know the story behind it - the how and the why of food really matters to us - and we're really pleased and take heart from the fact that it matters to you as well. Our Christmas puddings, cakes, Christmas chutneys, infusions and all seasonal specials have been Mowbray Made - and are incredible! 

See you at the Feast! 

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