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Issue One

We're proud to share with you our first issue of our magazine! A biannual journal charting daily life and special events at The Mowbray & The Chimney House. Take a look!

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We love telling you about our life at The Mowbray, what we’re up to, new ideas, hatchlings of plans and inspiration, things of beauty and vibrancy that we spot along the way. Keep up to date with House happenings and get the low down on events we have planned. We’re also on the lookout to team up with guest writers to tell a new point of view about passions, skills and creativity.


Christmas Community - The Mowbray & Friends Christmas Market 2023

Our second Christmas Market was the most festive of days on Sunday 3rd of December. It was packed full of all of the good things we love about Christmas - pressies, music, food and yuletide tipples!



Don't miss The Mowbray & Friends Christmas Market on Sunday 3rd of December! It's everything you need for Christmas Joy


Jolly Allotment x Enrichd Superfoods at The Chimney House

Join Polly - founder of Jolly Allotment and naturopathic eco chef for a special Sunday supper club to celebrate and learn all about the health and nutrition benefits of mushrooms. We will be hosted by Polly and the wonderfully healing Rich Enion of Enrichd Superfoods at our little house - The Chimney House. 


Weddings at The Mowbray :: Clare + Charlie

On the weekend itself we felt really looked after -- the food was mind-blowingly good (and generous too!) and all the staff were super friendly and helpful...Thank you for putting so much care into the day -- what a special place!


Womenkind - The Menopause Transition Edition

On Sunday the 8th of October with gathered with a full house - for a day's retreat to tap into great vibes, positivity and kindness giving your heart, mind, body and soul reassurance, knowledge and comfort. This edition of WOMENKIND was designed to give women essential information, reassurance and answers from a group of leading experts specialising in the Menopause transition.


Why Womenkind?

As the Autumn approaches and another seasonal shift is underway - it is the perfect time to host our first Womenkind Retreat and a gathering of expert minds. Womenkind is a day's retreat to tap into great vibes, positivity and kindness giving your heart, mind, body and soul reassurance, knowledge and comfort. 


Weddings at The Mowbray :: Toria + Tom

Our Wedding at The Chimney House and The Mowbray was wonderful. We wouldn't change a thing! We live in Malaysia so faced the challenge of organising a wedding from the other side of the world. However, Lucy and the Team made the process so easy!



Turns out everyone fancied a dance - and boogied the night away! Thanks to a brilliant crowd who came to Disco Party with us - the outfits and the details were absolutely amazing! 


10 Reasons Why We Can't Wait To Disco Party!

Dancing, cocktails, outfits, Happy Hour ALL NIGHT... Disco Slushies... The perfect night out!


Weddings at The Mowbray :: Sophia + Kane

From a couple who work within the events industry we can’t thank the team at The Chimney House and The Mowbray enough for the seamless wedding day they gave us. After all the planning is done all you can hope for on the day is for everything to run smoothly. The entire team are so professional, experienced and worked so hard to make everything perfect. We floated through our day so relaxed we enjoyed every moment together without a single concern. The beauty of the Mowbray made a real impact with our guest, the venue is so stylish and stunning.


The Great Summer Get-Away - 2023

Did you know? This August it's the great Summer get-away (from the office!) For inspiration and creative headspace - leave the confines of the office, spread your wings - and come spend a day with us at The Mowbray - drink iced coffee, snack on fresh cakes and catch some rays Up On The Roof!


The Mowbray & Friends Summer Market

We had a beautiful day on Saturday 17th - it was a super relaxing day of socialising, shopping, lunch, iced coffee, treats and cocktails both inside The Mowbray and Up On The Roof. Thank you to everyone who came to support us and got involved. 

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