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Issue One

We're proud to share with you our first issue of our magazine! A biannual journal charting daily life and special events at The Mowbray & The Chimney House. Take a look!

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We love telling you about our life at The Mowbray, what we’re up to, new ideas, hatchlings of plans and inspiration, things of beauty and vibrancy that we spot along the way. Keep up to date with House happenings and get the low down on events we have planned. We’re also on the lookout to team up with guest writers to tell a new point of view about passions, skills and creativity.


Tinctures, Tonics & Love Potions

With lockdown this year we thought it might be fun to do a postable love potion that you can send out to pals and vals wherever they are in the UK to bring a little smile and a little glow of love in the heart. Both of our potions are made with incredible Yorkshire ‘forced’ rhubarb (which is fabulous at the moment) and specially selected herbs and aromats - chosen for their pleasing tastes and traditional medicinal properties.


Food Glorious Food! 

Glorious food has been the absolute lockdown saviour! In place of the wonderful physicality of restaurants, pubs and bars - for the moment - the week is definitely made brighter by choosing what to order and from who for a weekend treat...


Brides Up North Feature - Jade & Tom

The most wonderfully uplifting feature by Brides Up North - on one of our few large scale weddings for 2020! This has landed at such a perfect time!

Events, Private Dining, Business

The Mowbray Christmas Shop

Our last hurrah of 2020 - welcome to The Mowbray Christmas Shop. Adding a much needed sprinkle of magic and good cheer this Christmas - a beautiful little shop dedicated to all the good things in life - tasty food, delicious drinks and good times with family and friends. 

Events, Business

Virtual Christmas Parties From The Mowbray

Special touches that mean a lot...Treat your team to a virtual Christmas party - we’ll take care of the food and drink - and you’re in charge of good vibes and the Christmas quiz!

Events, Weddings, Private Dining, Business

COVID-19 - Our Current Status - The Mowbray & The Chimney House

We're taking each day as it comes, planning and reacting positively and with optimism that we will - one day soon - be able to open our doors for beautiful events and happenings! For now - we're busy with a whole host of Takeaways, Feasting with The Mowbray at Home and of course our new online Christmas Shop!


Styled Micro Wedding Shoot at The Mowbray & The Chimney House

Last Friday - just on the eve of us announcing our Petit Wedding packages - we hosted the very lovely Esther Louise Triffitt and a magical team who spent the day styling and shooting at The Chimney House and The Mowbray to capture the essence of a 'micro wedding'.

Events, Weddings, Business

Let's Make The End Of 2020 Great!

We're busy cracking on with weekly - sometimes twice weekly Supper Clubs, Saturday Cocktail Bar with 2 for 1 cocktails, Great Sheffield Roasts, daily meetings for up to 30 guests, magical Petit Weddings for up to 15 guests, Festive Feasts to take care of the Office Christmas Party and Deluxe Winter Feasts for indulgent seasonal decadence...AND The Mowbray at Home - Christmas Day & New Year's Eve Edition!


How to Christmas Party in 2020

November and December are dedicated to the joyous Christmas Party! This year is no exception! Virtual Christmas Parties have been one of our most popular requests so far in the run up to Christmas... And we just love the overwhelming feel-good festive spirit that comes with this...  

Events, Weddings, Private Dining

The Mowbray Gift Cards

The ultimate gift has got to be the joy of experience - food, drink and enjoying beautiful interior design! The Mowbray Gift Card is for anyone who seeks out such experiences...


Petit Weddings at The Mowbray

This is how we started! One of our first weddings at The Chimney House nearly 13 years ago was a Petit Wedding... We remember it well - it was stunning. 


Keeping you in the Loop - Weddings - March 2021 Onwards

It's such an uncertain time at the moment - we know there is great solace in being kept in the loop! We thought it was a good idea to use this page as a information tracker to keep you up to date and informed as best we can - as new government updates come in.  

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Spring Feels

"Planning for the future and making the most of the present!"

We've planned our next 'at home' Feasts including The Great Sheffield Pie Feast and a gorgeous celebration of Spring Feasting for Mother's Day

We're also planning THE most beautiful Weddings & Parties, and delicious Private Dining celebrations imaginable!

Booking for the remaining rare dates in 2021 and business as usual for 2022 & 2023

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