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A Sheffield Supper Club

Grand Dining under the hill. A new, old way to eat.

From the makers of THE CHIMNEY HOUSE
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Just in reach of the wild gorse and heathers of Neepsend - an ancient hill home to Bronze age artefact finds sits The Mowbray - our interpretation of a modern feasting hall. It is under the beams of The Mowbray that our Supper Clubs take place. We're proud to be connecting a growing organic network of like minded people or kindred spirits who love to gather and come together to share great times and great food.

A Sheffield Social

We started running Supper Clubs 10 years ago at The Chimney House! Back then it was all about small gatherings of guests - who knew nothing about the menu, they didn’t know who they would be seated next to or what was going to happen! Guests came with open hearts and a willingness to embrace the evening - and it was pure magic! 10 years later - we’ve taken this magic and have been hosting Supper Clubs at The Mowbray for the past 12 months. They happen sporadically - when we can. We keep our ticket price great value, the experience and our food and ingredients top notch and never tire of seeing groups of strangers arriving and leaving as friends. It sounds a little cliche that it happens that way - but it really does! Nearly all of our regular guests now frequent The Mowbray with groups that they’ve met on previous Supper Clubs! Numbers vary each time - sometimes we decide to welcome a Full House - other times we prefer to keep things small and select - each time we champion Grand Dining - the art of feasting. Feasting is what we’ve become famous for and we serve up in plentitude, with the advice to pass, share, chat food, eat food, kick back and let it all come to you!

Grand Dining

Inspired by folk tales of old Norse style feasting and togetherness we've focussed on grand dining seating up to 160 guests.

Grand dining for us is about perfecting the art of feasting - an abundant table of food from The Mowbray Kitchen created and curated by Emma & Matt Tophill-Reed. Seasonal simplicity allows us the luxury to let ingredients lead. We make our own breads, bake our own cakes, pickle, cure, smoke, preserve our way through the year giving our guests the freshest, choicest picks from land and sea.

Our Supper Clubs happen each month from Summer dining on the roof top for exploring what the harvests give us to hunkering down as the moon rises early for Autumn and Winter conviviality and cosiness.

Come To Our Next Supper Club!

Keep an eye on our Events Page - and you can either book direct with us or simply through Eventbrite. Come solo or book as many tickets as you’d like!

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