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COVID-19 - Our Current Status - The Mowbray & The Chimney House

The Latest Update (09/04/2021)

As a small local independent business throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic we have stayed proactive and positive making the best of the situation to remain afloat ready for reemergence. 

We'd like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us through The Mowbray at Home and anyone who has worked with us positively and with understanding to move dates for your events. We're so looking forward to welcoming you back to both of our venues. 

It’s so great to be able to say (and with a lot of relief) - that we are booking like crazy for the rest of 2021 and into 2022, 2023 for weddings, ceremonies, parties, private dining, conferences and meetings, film and photoshoots and all the events that we would usually be doing! 

Both The Mowbray and The Chimney House are available for all of life’s greatest celebrations as well as getting back to business as we start to fill up during the week for corporate events. We’d love to hear from you if there is anything we can help you with this year and beyond! 

In keeping with the current Government guidance we are opening The Mowbray where and when we can. We'll begin with our Rooftop BBQ - 'Up On The Roof' from the 16th of April and will move into opening The Mowbray for Bistro and Supper Club events once the green light for hospitality from the government is given.  

We are and will continue to be so - in regular contact with anyone who has a private event booked with us at either The Mowbray or The Chimney House. 

We are requesting all guests anticipating visiting The Mowbray or The Chimney House read our Covid-19 Charter and respect the measures we have put in place. It would be great if you can be familiar with Track & Trace - if you have a booking with us - we'll be in touch with all details and any other procedure designed to make your visit to The Mowbray and The Chimney House safe, relaxed and enjoyable.  

Please be sure to wear your face mask at all times - unless you're sitting down at your table to eat and drink. 

Respecting Our Team & Social Distancing

Social distancing has been put in place for the wellbeing and care for our customers and our team. We have not made these rules, these are government enforced.

We should not be put in a position where we need to enforce social distancing - this should be a normal way of socialising at a distance - that everyone should be familiar with. 

It is our policy for each private or public event we host that a member of our team will bring your attention to the set of rules around social distancing on each table and to talk you through these. There is nothing new on here - it is simply following the government instructions on social distancing and interactions. 

We feel by explaining the rules on social distancing - that both us as a venue - and you as customers need to abide by - in order for small events to happen is clear and fair and there should be no confusion about arrivals, moving around the venues and departures.

This should mean there is no mingling, no clusters of guests and no resistance towards our team when we approach guests clearly disregarding the rules around social distancing - to suggest that they should take a seat back at their table or to take care when moving about including departures. 

We should not be in a position where our team need to remind guests of the nationwide, government issued policy around social distancing that has been in place for months.

Please, if you are attending an event at The Mowbray or The Chimney House - be aware of the rules around social distancing and respect them and the team that work incredibly hard to deliver your food and drink to you in a safe and relaxed environment. 

For private events - the event booker will already be aware of this - and will have already signed a document agreeing to this. We also suggest that this page be forwarded onto each guest that has been invited so there are no surprises about how we are allowed to open and host events.  

This is to allow our small business to be able to continue to open for Covid secure events - which means we can present a positive, safe event - where everyone is on the same page and we can do what we do - host beautiful events - and you as guests can enjoy the environment, the food and drink and let us look after you. 

The Mowbray & The Chimney House Covid-19 Charter

The information below summarises what we are doing to minimise the spread of Coronavirus at The Mowbray and The Chimney House and what we ask our customers to do to keep themselves, others and our staff safe. We are taking the below steps incredibly seriously and we ask that you do too. 

We have performed a risk assessment, identifying the hazards related to Covid-19 and implemented a number of new controls and measures to keep our staff & customers safe.

Please be patient - we are adapting to this ‘new normal’ and keeping our guests and staff safe is very important to us! 

In brief - Our Covid-19 measures are:

What we are asking of our guests:

Before you come to the venue...

There may be a short queue to enter the building, please maintain social distancing while waiting patiently to be seated.

General Housekeeping

In addition to our usual high cleaning standard we follow the below procedures:

All cleaning staff will be required to wear a face mask and gloves at all times while cleaning the venues and the bathrooms. They will be changed in the event of cross contamination with each room at each point and hands are washed frequently. 

Equipment is sanitised at the start and end of each shift 

In accordance with our standard procedures all doors and windows are opened during cleaning to ensure adequate ventilation.

Cleaning is done in a clockwise movement around the room to avoid retouching any surfaces. 

Disinfectant is sprayed on all surfaces, including items like laptops, door handles, light switches, toilet flush buttons, taps. Disinfectant sits for the recommended period to ensure it has time to kill any bacteria.

All hard surfaces in the room are dusted and wiped with sanitiser. 

Our team will remove Personal Protective Equipment before exit which will be disposed of properly to avoid cross-contamination by placing it into a specific and identified waste bag. Tied tightly and set to one side in a separate bin provided to be stored for 72 hours before collection.

Thank you for all your support, and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Covid-19 Related Information 

Current Bookings

We are in touch and continue to be so with everyone who has a booking with us in the next couple of months and are working together to postpone or 'reimagine' pre booked events during this initial period. 

As we know more about the situation in the coming months - we'll be in touch (if not already) with those bookings to make a plan if necessary. Our team are working hard to proactively find helpful solutions and to ease the way.

Future Dates & Bookings 

We are booking up fast for all dates in terms of weddings, private dining and parties - we're finding people are keen to put their future plans in place and to have something great to look forward to at The Mowbray and The Chimney House - now more than ever! 

We're also seeing our amazing business community - where they can - continue to book meetings and conferencing with us from the start of Summer onwards. 

Plus - because we have transferred the majority of our booked dates for the short term into later on this year or into 2021- some of our dates are limited. If you'd like to speak to us about a date - then just let us know ASAP.

Our Head Office is Open!

We are working remotely which means our HQ is very much open for business Monday-Friday 9am-5pm in terms of enquiries, future bookings and phone/facetime appointments and consultations.

Some of our team have been furloughed so will not be able to get back to you during this time. 

How To Get In Touch

As we are all working remotely - the main office phone will be paused for a while - and we'll be on email only.

If you're not already in an email conversation with us - please contact us directly on and with any questions regarding either venue. 

Book a Viewing / Phone Call / Zoom Appointment 

We have started to arrange viewings at both venues - if you'd like to arrange a time drop us a line to

We would love to arrange an appointment by phone call appointment / Facetime or Zoom if you'd rather -and we can run over everything on the phone - with an email lookbook for image prompts.

But a great place to start is via our Gallery and our Testimonials pages for a flavour of The Mowbray and The Chimney House. 

These appointments can be used to chat all things weddings, private dining and of course our daily meetings and conferences for future dates. 

See You Soon!

We can't wait to open our doors again at both The Mowbray and The Chimney House as soon as we possibly can to keep bringing you beauty in creativity for our style of events and incredible food from The Mowbray Kitchen for wonderful dining experiences and Weddings. 

For now - we wish you, your families and friends good health and safe passage over the coming months - we're thinking of you all!

Keep in touch and take good care

The Mowbray Team & The Chimney House Team X

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