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The Restoration of an Iconic Sheffield Venue

From the makers of THE CHIMNEY HOUSE
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Originally a steel and iron merchants built in 1889 by Robert Huntley we’ve made sure The Mowbray is a true Sheffield story. Everything in The Mowbray and the building itself has been designed in the 93ft studio above The Mowbray and made within a mile radius of the building in our workshops on Kelham Island. If authenticity and provenance are important to where you host your events then we’d love to tell you more!

A restoration project that spanned over 3 years, The Mowbray is a culmination of hard work, endeavour and spirit to transform two derelict buildings into one that champions our Sheffield heritage through bricks and mortar, feeling and soul.

After a 3 year intensive restoration period the building has had a dramatic transformation into a state of the art 250 guest capacity events space with an eight metre bar and commercial kitchen over the ground floor with a herbarium, roof garden and workspace on the first and second floors.

The entire restoration has been masterminded by our award winning agency 93ft who sit in a state of the art design studio in the rafters above The Mowbray. From here they have created bespoke furniture and lighting designs especially for The Mowbray including chandeliers, wall lights, the bar, tables et al. These designs have been made in our Kelham Island workshops - a few steps away from The Mowbray. Antiques and key pieces have been sourced for their beauty and story - as well as bringing a feeling of deluxe choice and originality. We've been collecting pieces for this very purpose for years and each piece has been restored in our workshops.


Multi-award winning 93ft currently hold an National RIBA award and an International FRAME award for interior architecture and design. Made up of four departments - Interior Architecture, Brand and Graphics Web Design and Development and 93 Makes - our own workshop and makery - we span key disciplines and work all over the UK and beyond. Both The Chimney House and The Mowbray are showcases of our dedication to creating beautiful spaces avoiding ‘off the shelf’ and the ‘seen before’.

93ft have designed three clearly defined separate spaces and worked an architect’s dream into the scheme by constructing their own studio HQ suspended above part of the events space in a dynamic two level glass pyramid in a private capsule, morphing around the structure of the original buildings. 93ft have worked to join two buildings into one and have not only designed The Mowbray from their studio but have made architectural lighting, furniture and structures for The Mowbray from their workshop on Kelham Island and have used local businesses from less than a mile radius to complete the project.

Designed to impress with features such as a eight foot wide custom built chandelier made entirely from reclaimed antique glass bricks from the ‘40’s, made on Kelham Island and hanging in the triple height roof space, oversized original sliding factory doors and the eight metre slate and brass bar means you are guaranteed a grand entrance and beyond - and the level of attention to detail and luxury elements continues throughout.

“Our translation of luxury is one that favours space to move and stretch out, masses of natural light thanks to three original arched windows originally designed in 1889, bespoke and custom made furniture made from honest and tactile materials which is both flexible and adaptable to our guests needs, chairs which have been restored from the 1940’s which are aesthetically beautiful yet comfortable and practical and of course tiny yet important touches - cutlery made by Sheffield brand W.Wright - whose workshop is opposite our building and the finishing details such as a bespoke scent which has been curated by Sheffield artisan Essence and Alchemy to enhance positivity! Our ethos is to take care of every detail and bring both design and the essence of great Sheffield hospitality into everyday events at The Mowbray.”


We’re proud to be based in Neepsend - rich in Industry and honest trade - it’s the sort of place where you can stumble upon real heritage and ‘old ways’ of an industrial area and see new beginnings of a new generation start to appear and flourish.

We’re really relishing exploring and living in our area. We’re right across the rooftops and over the river as the crow flies to The Chimney House - nestled on the waterways of Kelham Island. But The Mowbray is truly a Neepsendian.

We’ve become fascinated by Neepsend - even through we’ve been working on the building for years - there are still wonders to behold - the rush of a secret cargo train, unexpected pathways and the ability to plunge into wildlife and foliage via the weirs waterway network at any given time. We love it round here - as you really feel connected to the City on a physical level yet detached enough in spirit to feel wild and spontaneous.

Neepsend has a historical pleasure that we’ve latched onto with gusto. Intriguing tales and stories that span back to when time began fill us with delight - especially a Nordic connection and the architecture of landscapes that have risen and fallen through the ages. Discoveries and artefacts found in the locale give us inspiration and make us eager to preserve and document.

Family Matters

The Mowbray, 93ft and The Chimney House are family run, independent businesses - and we’re super proud to have husbands and wives, brothers and brothers, brothers and sisters within our departments! Our aim is to inspire you with hospitality, great food, drink, architecture and design for all of your daily meetings, gatherings and celebrations and to also engage with our journey. So many of our guests from over the years are regular visitors to the venues and it’s fascinating to be a part of their family story from year to year.

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