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UK Coaching at The Mowbray
We welcomed UK Coaching to The Mowbray for a superb day of team development for their coaches. It was a total joy to host such an inspiring session especially with guests travelling the length and breath of the country to be here.
UK Coaching are a growing business, aiming to inspire communities through the transformative power of coaching. They believe great coaching leads to healthier, happier communities.
We set the room with 4 square tables so teams could move comfortably around the space throughout the day. Each team was well equipped with super fun and inspiring activities designed to break the ice and encourage interaction.
With an extensive tea collection, fresh coffee and a plentiful supply of biscuits we got the day got off to a great start!
House lunch was served on the bar, delicious fresh sandwiches - on homemade bread of course. Leafy salads and home baked goodies for pud!
Our super tasty lunches are designed to keep energy and creativity levels up there, so you get the very best out of your team and your day with us. The most common feedback we hear from our guests is that they witness visibly higher productivity levels within their team. We put this down to a great lunch, plenty of natural light and inspiring surrounds!
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