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Allergies and Dietary Requirements 

A Note From The Mowbray Kitchen

At The Mowbray & The Chimney House we do our best to cater for any allergies or dietary requirements. In order to do this we ask that you provide full and thorough information in advance of your event. 

When compiling this information please ensure your guests provide accurate information about their dietary needs. We need to know whether it is a severe allergy, a medical requirement or a preference so that we can make suitable adjustments. We may not provide a similar alternative where it is a preference, unless this can be catered for within the menu (see 'Plain Food' below). We will presume any dietary information given is correct and take it at face value.

We will provide alternatives where required, or may make small alterations to the menu in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. For example, removing nuts where possible, or making the dessert gluten free if this can be done without affecting the overall quality of the menu. 

Unfortunately we are not able to provide information regarding menu tweaks or substitutions far in advance of your event, as these will be decided once we have all guest information, and may change depending on availability of ingredients.

Common ambiguous requests

'No pepper' - we will presume this means capsicum/bell pepper - please clarify if it is an allergy to peppercorn, and if they can eat chilli.

'No garlic/onions' - we will presume the guest cannot eat any garlic or onion whether raw or cooked, but are ok with other alliums such as chives, and where it is a trace amount (such as in a stock). If the guest can eat small amounts or cooked garlic/onion please let us know, so we can make their food as tasty as possible! Also if it is an allergy this should be stated as such

'No bread' - please confirm whether this is a gluten allergy/intolerance and whether or not they will want gluten free bread

No dairy - we presume absolutely no dairy including cows, sheep's or goats. Please let us know if your guest can eat butter. Dairy free guests will normally be served a vegan dessert.§

No/Low sugar - we may need to provide a plain meal depending on your menu choice, and would serve a simple fruit dessert. Please ask your guest to clarify their requirements so that they don't miss out the full menu!

No coriander - Guests usually mean that they do not like fresh coriander on their food. This can be easily catered for in most situations, but we would need to know if it is an allergy to all fresh & ground coriander, as these ingredients may be used in the cooking process!

No spice(s) - Please clarify whether the guest does not like spicy food or if it is an allergy

Plain Food

We understand that you may have guests who are very particular or just not very adventurous when it comes to food! We can provide plain chicken & chips/potatoes (for example) for dining events.


We are able to provide Halal alternatives for some of our menu items, but would normally provide the vegetarian option for these guests. If you would like your whole menu made Halal we can of course do this! We may have to make some tweaks which will be discussed with you.

Please note, we are not able to cater for additional allergies or dietaries on the day of the event.

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