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Bloom Sheffield x The Mowbray

From The Earth

We're so proud to be welcoming Bloom Sheffield 'Up On The Roof' at The Mowbray...

Bloom is working with us to create a beautiful floral feast for the senses in a rooftop garden takeover!

We thought it would be a wonderful thing for Bloom to tell their incredible story to our side of Sheffield with the use of our giant 'trash can' up-cycled planters in our new space 'Up On The Roof'.  

As excited about it as we are - Bloom paid us a visit last Thursday - just before we opened 'Up On The Roof' for the first time - to start planting young home-grown plants from her cutting garden and allotment to tell a beautiful story of flowers and seasonality.

The plants are young and tender at the moment but keep an eye on them as you feast with us as they grow, tumble and takeover - they're going to be sensational!

We're so inspired by the work that Kendall does through Bloom which is a not-for-profit- social enterprise. They grow and sell the most gorgeous flowers and bulbs throughout the year to raise money to support their gardening and mental health groups for women in Sheffield.

Bloom is rooted as a community flower garden in Heeley for women and girls. They promote positive mental health through therapeutic horticulture working together as a female community to develop and maintain a cutting garden. 

They support a range of women with a deep and passionate understanding of the therapeutic benefits of gardening, the earth, nature and holistic safe spaces which resonates even more deeply with many of us especially during the past year. 

Kendall also runs Bloom Open Days through the year that anyone can attend to help women form connections, learn new skills and feel good - both mentally and physically!

The Bloom Cocktail

We're working on a specially created Bloom cocktail which we're hoping will be taste tested (!!) in time for this weekend. We're working on a new cocktail recipe which is inspired by English cutting gardens and the tastes of the allotment. We'll be gifting a percentage of every cocktail sold to Bloom. 

Floral Happenings

We'll keep you posted on this one - but keep an eye out for a super special Lunch Club which will be a collaboration between Bloom and The Mowbray... It's going to be utterly sublime!

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