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Adapting, Changing, Growing

We'd normally now be in full flow of daily wedding and events viewings and consultations! Like everyone - we're adapting to a very different reality to our usual start of April. Even though it's one of the most challenging times we've ever faced as a business - we're embracing the changes, safeguarding our small business as best we can, protecting our team, looking after our customers through this difficult time and spending time chatting with our guests - future and pending - plus - getting on with plans and tasks that have been easy to put on the back burner in the buzz of usual daily life. 

Chat Time!

For the time being - we've transferred all of our wedding and events chats in person to phone chats, or Whatsapp or FaceTime chats and also Google Hangouts and Zoom chats! We're chatting to our future couples booked to get married with us and also chatting to those just enquiring for the first time. We've got a lovely Look Book to chat through as well - which shows each part of your day and night with us at The Chimney House and The Mowbray or just at The Mowbray or in fact - just at The Chimney House! 

Let's Chat

As our wedding bookings for the end of 2020 and 2021 are fast booking up - we're quickly compiling a growing list of Wedding Chat appointments - and also Party Chats for bar events and private dining for birthdays and anniversaries.  

Just drop us a line to for Chat Appointments for The Mowbray and for Chat Appointments for The Chimney House. Weekends are already busy times - but we have some flexibility in the evenings and during the day as well.

If you drop us a line with a couple of dates and times - then we'll match up to you and book you in!

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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