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Hello High Tea!

Taking The Twee Out Of Afternoon Tea

There's a new menu in the house...

Say Hi to High Tea - our new super deluxe way of afternoon tea'ing...

We have been hosting gorgeous afternoons at our sister venue The Chimney House for 12 years now and along the way we’ve moved on from quavering tea stands, fine china and teeny, tiny sandwiches to find and perfect the most delicious afternoon food...

We’ve always embraced the idea of social feasting - which in our book is the best way to eat - especially when everyone around the table might not know each other - it’s the best way to get chatting over a good slice of cake!

We are famed for our grand feasts with a focus on good ingredients, where flavour is key. We use local where possible, and seasonal when it’s best. 

Hello High Tea

High Tea is a substantial and somewhat more casual affair than a traditional afternoon tea. We’re all about plates, platters and bowls brimming with fresh ingredients and great bakes. Our whole ethos of eating is sharing and passing, building your own perfect plate of food, and going back for seconds. Our new High Tea menu is quintessentially us, all handmade made by us. 

Made by The Mowbray Kitchen

We're known for our love of pickling, curing, smoking and baking and making - which you'll spot in all aspects of our menus. Our guests will always share a side of our home cured & hot smoked salmon, house pickled dill cucumbers & freshly baked focaccia. It’s important to us to make High Tea just as delicious and authentic as any of our other feasts - that also surprise and delight.

We've included a wildcard to High Tea which means you could be surprised by the addition of Pastel de Nata with our own orange blossom custard and all butter pastry or handmade doughnuts, mallow teacakes or iced buns to get the party started. 

Extra Magical Touches

House made raspberry & rose syrup lemonade using herbs from the rooftop at The Mowbray or hand-tied bunches of stems for your guests...Chat to us about all the lovely things that we can do to make your afternoon super special. 

Let us Look After You

Our chefs will put a completely unique menu together for you - you don’t need to make any choices, we just need to know any dietary requirements and we’ll put out a perfect spread. Our feasting table will be set up for your guests, drinks and savouries served. For pudding we will set up a beautifully styled pudding table for you to help yourself to. We’ll be on hand for anything you need.

Drop us a line and we'll send you our menu! 

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