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How to Christmas Party in 2020

Virtual Christmas Parties 

November and December are dedicated to the joyous Christmas Party! This year is no exception!

This has been one of our most popular requests so far in the run up to Christmas... And we just love the overwhelming feel-good festive spirit that comes with this...  

We're working with the good and the great of our Sheffield business community to look after their teams this year by organising virtual Christmas parties! It's a pretty simple plan - but it has all the makings of an instant cult classic for 2020! 

The Plan

It follows the format for The Mowbray at Home - The Mowbray Kitchen will make, bake and create a delicious Christmas Parcel for each member of your team - that can either be collected from The Mowbray or we can arrange door to door delivery for you to organise a online hangout to celebrate the end of 2020 together!

We have a couple of options to suit the size of your 'party' and of course budget - so just let us know and we'll fly you some options over... 

Each Parcel will include Christmas crackers and options for 'ready to pour cocktails', local beer and hand picked wine. 

We'd love to help - drop us a line to and let's spread some Christmas joy - virtually of course! 

In House Supper Clubs

We've packed out the end of November all the way through with a choice of Festive Feasts - which are our answer to the 'non virtual' office Christmas Party! Take your pick of dates and get booked in via our online Shop! 

They absolutely hit the note in terms of delicious Christmas satisfaction and we have all sorts of lovely gift extras to extend the festive joy after you leave The Mowbray!

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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Things We're Doing!

We're busy cracking on with weekly - sometimes twice weekly Supper Clubs, Saturday Cocktail Bar with 2 for 1 cocktails, Great Sheffield Roasts, daily meetings for up to 30 guests, magical Petit Weddings for up to 15 guests, Festive Feasts to take care of the Office Christmas Party and Deluxe Winter Feasts for indulgent seasonal decadence.

We're also full steam ahead with providing Christmas Parcels of wonder for Virtual Christmas Parties...AND The Mowbray at Home - Christmas Day & New Year's Eve Edition!

Get in touch! Let's make the end of 2020 great!

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