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Icy Pud Pots at The Mowbray Cafe

Something fun to try for August! 

Based on some of our fav puds - but built around the ever delicious 'Our Cow Molly' ice cream we've come up with 4 limited editions that we're going to be serving up over August from The Mowbray Cafe Hatch at Sellers Wheel on Arundel Street. 

You'll see The Mowbray Kitchen has made all of the extras - the salted caramel sauce on the 'Caramel & Brownie' is sublime and the sponge for the 'Tiramisu' soaked in Dark Woods espresso is something else...

All flavours are available from Friday 31st of July - Just in time for the weekend and 'The Great Sheffield Heatwave'! They are a real treat!

We're open Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

The Pots - all served with 3 scoops of ice cream!

'Tiramisu' - with Mowbray sponge, a double shot of hot 'Dark Woods' espresso, ‘Just Molly’ ice cream and grated dark chocolate - £5

Contains: gluten, milk, egg, sulphites

'Caramel & Brownie' with scoops of 'Just Molly' and Chocolate ice cream, Mowbray Brownie and Mowbray made chocolate and salted caramel sauce - £5

Contains: gluten, milk, egg, sulphites

'Black Forest' - with scoops of Wild Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate and Just Molly ice cream, Mowbray made gooey Brownie, sour cherries and chocolate sauce £5.50

Contains: gluten, milk, egg, sulphites

'The Mowbray Mess' - with scoops of Wild Cherry Cheesecake ice cream, Mowbray Meringue and frozen raspberries £5

Contains: gluten, egg, milk 

Just Ice Cream

Flavours - £1.50 per scoop  or  £1 when served with a bake!

‘Just Molly’ real dairy ice cream (contains milk)
Wild Cherry Cheesecake, made with mascarpone (contains milk, gluten)
Chocolate (contains milk, soya, celery)

Mowbray Made Sauces - 50p each

Salted Caramel (contains milk)
Chocolate Syrup

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