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In Good Company x The Mowbray

All New!

We’re looking forward to welcoming a new Sheffield event to The Mowbray this summer! It is our pleasure to collaborate with ‘In Good Company’ for their launch event. 

In Good Company, co-founded by friends Nic Sowden and Rachel Hirst, is a fresh way for women of the city to connect. As they put it, it’s “an evening that combines life’s simple pleasures” - and what could be more lovely than that?!

As well as providing the setting for the In Good Company launch event - taking place on Thursday 23rd June 2022 - we are serving up a beautiful Italian summer grazing feast which fits in perfectly with the relaxed, warm and social vibe of the evening.

Seasonal social feasting has always been a major champion at The Mowbray and at The Chimney House - so we’re really pleased that we can incorporate this into In Good Company’s launch. 

Keen to share more details of this wonderfully uplifting Sheffield event, we chat with co-founders and hosts Nic and Rachel…

Can you sum up In Good Company in a nutshell?

It’s an evening of delicious food, relaxed conversations and inspiring stories within a delectable social setting where Sheffield females can make effortless affinities with like-minded, local women. 

Where did the idea for this Sheffield event come from?

It was an unshakable idea driven by two key elements…

We’d both recently found ourselves at new stages in our lives - motherhood and freelancing - so we wanted to make new connections with Sheffield women in similar boats. What we didn’t want to do, however, was attend awkward, cliquey events or groups that ‘pigeonholed’ or felt way too formal. 

We’d also come to notice other cities putting on exciting social events but felt this was something our home city was lacking.

And so, in coming up with an idea that would tick both boxes, In Good Company was born!

Who is the event open to?

All Sheffield females, whether they live in (or nearby!) the city or have a link to it. Our whole ethos is that In Good Company offers a seat at the table for all - it’s a warm, safe and inclusive event that will spark affinities and lift the soul. 

We’ve already had everyone from Sheffield mums and homeworkers to independent business owners and creatives sign up for the event, as well as women who have recently moved to the city.

How is In Good Company different to other events?

It’s a beautiful social evening of delicious food and relaxed conversation in a stunning setting with the added bonus of making effortless female affinities! 

Key to the event will be an informal panel conversation with a number of ambitious and fascinating women who are proud to call Sheffield home. This podcast-style chat will centre around navigating life as a woman in today’s hectic world, touching on career, ambitions and family life, as well as what being ‘in good company’ means to them.

Keen to shine a light on the city’s amazing indie businesses, we also invite a number of Sheffield female creatives to contribute their talents to the evening. This ranges from decor and floral creations through to event illustration and photography. 

What can guests expect from the event?

An evening that combines life’s simple pleasures. We’re here to fill your cup (and glass!), spark your mind and feed your tummy!

We encourage and provide a reason for you to make time for oneself. To be lifted by the conversations you never knew you needed and inspired by the stories of Sheffield-based women you never knew existed!

Tell us about the line-up of the evening?

7pm - Warm welcome & arrival drink 

7.30pm - Your seat at the table 

7.45pm - Dinner is served

8.30pm - Panel conversation

10pm - Evening comes to a close

Finally, how can Sheffield women find out more and get tickets for the event?

In Good Company’s launch event will take place at 7pm on Thursday 23rd June 2022, hosted at The Mowbray. Click the button below for details and how to get your seat at the table!

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for regular updates, partner announcements and more!

In Good Company


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