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Buon Appetito :: Italian Canteen Menu Revealed!

Mangiare Per Vivere E Non Vivere Per Mangiare! 

After weeks in the kitchen experimenting and perfecting with the finest Italian produce, flavours and techniques, we’re delighted to reveal our Italian Canteen menu.

As with much Mediterranean cooking, there's beauty in the simplicity of ingredients and flavours. Take a look at what the masters of The Mowbray Kitchen have in store for you! 


Mowbray oregano & tomato focaccia

Anchovy 'whitebait'

Wild garlic & lemon aioli

Courgette caponata with capers, green olives & toasted almonds

Secondi E Pasta

Porchetta: British pork belly wrapped around the tenderloin, seasoned with garlic, fennel & lemon zest. Served with marsala sauce.

For Our Vegetarian Guests

Cheesy baked polenta & chargrilled British asparagus

To Share

Fresh rigatoni pasta, broad beans, peas & mint

Smoked gnocchi, ricotta, lemon thyme

Isle of Wight tomato salad - with fresh oregano & basil


Amalfi lemon tart, mascarpone & fresh raspberries

Feast With Us!

Friends, family - everyone's welcome! Pull up a chair for a wonderfully relaxed evening at The Italian Canteen, celebrating the very best of Italian cafe culture. We're specialists in curating super laid-back Supper Clubs with fabulous food served up simple and easy on feasting tables!

Snap up the last few places at The Italian Canteen below!

Join Us!

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