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Keeping you in the Loop - Weddings - March 2021 Onwards

Great Solace 

It's such an uncertain time at the moment - we know there is great solace in being kept in the loop! 

We thought it was a good idea to use this page as a information tracker to keep you up to date and informed as best we can - as new government updates come in.  

Following the latest government announcements we wanted to update you on our plans for 2021 and to hopefully put your mind at ease that we'll continue to do our utmost to make this path as smooth as possible. 

As you know we're independently owned and are a small team - which means we can adjust quickly and remain flexible as news breaks and new guidance is given. 

If you have booked a wedding with us from March 2021 onwards - we want to reassure you that we are reviewing the situation daily. 

Latest Update From September 2020

In September 2020 the government has indicated that some restrictions in some form are likely to be in place for up to 6 months and are quite rightly being super cautious.  

We feel optimistic that there should be some light at the end of the tunnel by early 2021.

For that reason we won’t be taking further action on 2021 weddings until the end of 2020 if necessary - but if there are any significant changes before then - we’ll be in touch.

Please do get in touch if we can help with anything at all in the meantime. 

Supper Clubs & House Events

Although lock-down and the restrictions have brought massive challenges and forced us to essentially rethink our core business (!) the silver lining has been the freedom to curate weekly supper club menus for a smaller number of guests.

Our House Events have been really special since we reopened, creating a more intimate atmosphere for couples and small groups.

Many of our 2021/22 wedding guests join us for these events as it helps them to feel connected to The Mowbray and of course gives a great chance to try some amazing menus! We'd love to see you! Just let us know if you fancy coming along!

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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