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Kitchen Notes for The Last Supper Club of The Year!

Last One Of the Year!

It was our last Supper Club of the year on Friday evening! We welcomed a full house into The Mowbray to celebrate the joys of the Italian Canteen - with Yorkshire Pork Ragu as the headliner - plus a mighty fine crowd - excellent wines, Mowbray cocktails and our top Italian soundtrack. 

The Yorkshire Pork Ragu was no ordinary ragu... Made from scratch in The Mowbray Kitchen it look days of preparation - using the finest, local ingredients - then served up to 130 guests in salt glaze bowls.  

The Mowbray Kitchen Notes

This is a 2 part story of Pork Shoulder and Pork Bellies...

The Yorkshire pork bellies and shoulders are massaged with toasted fennel seeds, oregano, garlic and onion with plenty of salt and black pepper. They are then roasted on a high heat with fresh thyme, rosemary and bay leaves until they're nice and brown - then they are slowly braised with a little white wine, thyme, rosemary, bay, garlic and some hendos until they literally fall apart... They are then shredded and ready to be made into our secret recipe ragu. 

Check out our Insta Stories for the step by step in pics! 

The Menu

Our menu is served Mowbray-Feasting style - so expect to pass, share, enjoy!

On the table
Mowbray made Focaccia (V)(G)
Chargrilled & lightly pickled Portabella with Chicory & Fresh Ricotta (V) (D)

The main event
Yorkshire Pork Ragu with fresh Rigatoni, fresh parsley & lemon (D)(G)

For our vegetarian guests
Roasted Squash, Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi & Sage (D)(G)

Sides to share
Aubergine Parmigiana with Fresh Basil & Oregano, and Crispy Garlic Pangratatto (V) (D) (G)
Peppery Leaf Salad of Rocket & Watercress (V)

For pudding
Brown Sugar Meringue, topped with Pears, Marsala Soaked Prunes, Hazelnut Cream and
Rich Dark Chocolate Ganache (V) (D)

(V) :: suitable for vegetarians
(D) :: contains dairy
(G) :: contains gluten

Canteen Specials

Digestif :: all £6
Limoncello | Conker Cold Brew Liqueur | Lazzaroni Amaretto | Italicus Bergamot Liqueur

Red & White :: both £25
Red | Fabrizio Vella, Nero D’Avola, Sicily, Italy, 2018 
This natural wine has a complex nose, which is spicy and packed full of punchy liquorice, chocolate, and dark fruits.

White | Fabrizio Vella, Catarratto, Sicily, Italy, 2018 
A natural wine with tasting notes of citrus fruit, lemon zest and citrus blossoms along with a hint of tropical fruits, herbs and sweet spices.

Thank You Thank You

We also want to say - it has been a pleasure and an honour to welcome hundreds of you through our doors to enjoy the fine art of feasting. 
Stay tuned in for our dining events in 2020... We're changing things up a little and are introducing some new suppers to our repertoire and excitingly The Chimney House will be joining in the fun with some super fun dining events - different to The Mowbray's - we'll let you know when our first event is ready for your perusal.

One things for sure - The Mowbray Kitchen are dedicated to your dining delight... We can't wait to see you soon! 

Images: Brad Matthews

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