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Meet Sam for Coffee at Mow's

The Search for a Partner!

Just as we headed out of lockdown - we decided to open The Mowbray Cafe, Arundel St, Sellers Wheel - as a little test bed pop up - and to help keep some of our full time team in a job!

We’ve been trialling the Cafe since July 2020 and felt it was the right time to take things to the next level to recognise its full potential alongside The Mowbray Kitchen.

We also wanted to give someone young, talented and passionate a springboard to follow their dreams... So we set out on a search for a partner...

 We were looking for a truly passionate person - an experienced barista looking for the perfect cafe platform to do something great, fulfil ambitions and join a great team along the way!


We wanted to move from the name 'The Mowbray Cafe' as we enter into our next phase - but also wanted to keep the connection to The Mowbray!

Mow's will be revealed in a new brand ID, signage and some lovely touches by 93ft - which we'll be introducing you to over the next few weeks!

Come on in to Hang Out or Take Out...

Mow's is open Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm
Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel St, City Centre Sheffield

Call into Mow's and you'll find a 20 seater sanctum dedicated to coffee.

It's split over inside and an outside courtyard if you're spending a while with us - and it also has a brilliant sash window which we use as a service hatch straight onto Arundel Street if you're on the run!

The beautiful red brick interior has been designed and made by the award winning studio - 93ft and is all about reuse and sustainability of materials - reclaimed timbers, lighting and marble plus our cafe interior is made up of a set of iconic bus seats clad in a buttery soft vintage leather. What hasn't been restored or re-used - has been custom made in 93's Sheffield workshops - check out the green shelving next time you're in!

The Partner!

We had a whole pile of applications - and the interviews started! We met Sam Gilmer on a sunny Tuesday afternoon at The Mowbray - and offered him the partnership a few days later... 

Sam takes control of Mow's on Monday 21st of September -and we're proud to welcome him to The Mowbray family! 

Follow his journey through day to day life and speciality coffee via Instagram!

Coffee at Mow's


See you for coffee at Mow's!

Meet Sam

I have worked in coffee for as long as I can remember and it truly is my passion.

I love working in coffee for many reasons, especially the day to day variety in hospitality and how every shift is different - no two days are ever the same in a cafe.

I love seeing customers' reactions to my craft, be that the instant reaction to latte art or their returning to the bar to tell me how delicious their drink was.

"I love the freedom to express myself through latte art and coffee selection and I have been given a great opportunity to express myself and my coffee style in a beautiful cafe setting in the heart of my home town."

I feel that locally the speciality scene is growing really quickly - we have some great well known speciality coffee spots in Sheffield but also lots of new smaller shops popping up too, we are the latest addition to this great group of independent coffee houses. 

I believe there's definitely still a gap in knowledge and understanding regarding the speciality side of coffee, with a majority of people still just wanting a coffee and seeing it as a commodity not a craft in the same way as wine or whiskey. 

"By being open to chatting and gently educating our customers by giving them consistent and beautifully crafted coffee without pretence - we will definitely be able to bring more and more people into the world of speciality coffee, the best cup of coffee is - after all - the one the customer wants."

Mow’s Coffee will offer a simple coffee menu accessible to all - covering all cafe staples and a couple of interesting additions like Espresso & Tonic and hand brewed filter coffee for the real coffee connoisseur. 

We'll be using great local house roasters Cuppers Choice and Dark Woods as our staple suppliers and guest coffees from around the country. 

We won’t let you go hungry either with a seasonal selection of pastry, sweet and savoury bakes, and sandwiches to match our high quality coffee.

Mow's is open Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm
Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel St, City Centre Sheffield


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