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Mowbray Green in The Wild

Rosedale Wild Garlic

We take great delight in using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. So much so, we’ll forage our own woodland and hedgerow delights where possible.

During an Easter jaunt up to The North Yorkshire we took the opportunity to take full advantage of Rosedale’s wild garlic offerings!

Hedgerow Harvest

British woodland in the spring is an abundant haven for wild garlic, also known as allium ursinum, jack-by-hedge and bear’s garlic. You’ll catch the scent in the air before you see it! First come the luscious and drooping leaves, the most perfect shade of Mowbray Green – followed by a burst of white flowers which can also be eaten.

Back to The Kitchen

Back to The Mowbray Kitchen, a thorough rinse and a quick blanch later, our leafy haul is all prepped to be delicious wild garlic & lemon aioli for The Italian Canteen!

Supper Clubs at The Mowbray

We're famous for our sell out House Events! Head over to our event page to see what summery delight's we have in store for you!

Supper Clubs

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Up On The Roof!

Be sure to reserve a table for our new rooftop feasting experience!

We'll be cooking on charcoal and wood and with fire and flames Up On The Roof. Fresh BBQ beachy vibes and all the flavour from low and slow!

We're also booking like crazy for the rest of 2021 and into 2022, 2023 for weddings, ceremonies, parties, private dining, conferences and meetings, film and photoshoots and all the events that we would usually be doing!

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