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New / Old For Your Table Top

I've been collecting antique vintage-y bits and bobs for table styling for years! It's my great love to find things! Here's some snaps of my latest haul of finds that i've snapped Up On The Roof this morning in the sunshine.

We just don't 'buy new' - everything you see on the tables at The Mowbray and The Chimney House has been hand picked - chosen most likely for its lovely shape, great feel in the hands and how nice it will look and the good feeling it could bring to the room. I love the raised scripty descriptions on old glass bottles and colours of the glass - especially the amber and greeny vibes - a lot of these are super old - which suits us just fine - as they give such a great tone in whichever setting we put them in.

I love the wonky antique brass candlesticks we cram into every corner and every surface - they get better and better with age and they always look better each time I look at them - best with plenty of wax drips! I've picked up a set of tall wooden sticks and 2 more brass sticks just yesterday that will make their way onto our 'top table' at The Mowbray...

Always on a look out for vessels with a good feel - i'd found 2 big pink and yellow French confit jars in a field market - which we couldn't be without and yesterday I found a lovely large white jug with gold details and a fun and crafty New Mexico vibe pot jar that might live at The Mowbray - otherwise The Chimney House...There's a super cool feasting platter as well...

It's such a good feeling to bring these treasures into The Mowbray and The Chimney House - often some of the pieces will be as old as the venues themselves - but funnily they never feel old. That's the joy of reusing stuff - each piece just takes on a new life and uses - a little bit of magic right there on your table top!

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