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News From Mow's - SEY YES!

Coffee at Mow's

There's been some really exciting updates at Mow's lately - a new food menu, new seats and styles in the cafe - and a really special partnership that has been months in the making...

Over to Sam - who runs Mow's and who heads up all of our new coffee experiences...


We couldn’t be prouder to SEY YES.

It’s our pleasure to announce we are now partners with an international roastery that will be providing us with retail coffee alongside filter and guest espresso options for our cafe.

Matthew Jung-Quillen, the chief business officer for SEY coffee in New York approached Sam about a month ago about the opportunity to work together and provide coffee offerings unlike any other cafe in the North. We have worked together to bring a rotating monthly retail and brew menu to Mows all the way from 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn.

SEY's origins began as Lofted Coffee, roasting in a Brooklyn loft apartment before opening their current roastery/cafe in Bushwick.  Since the beginning, they have focused on transparency, sustainability and quality as their hallmarks, sourcing the highest quality agriculture (often 86 point and above coffees) with a focus on transparency of expression of those microlots through their roast philosophy. This perspective and dedication to product quality resonates deeply with our views at Mows, and their coffee is a great example of that focus and relationships with producers and import partners to achieve week after week of extraordinarily clean, sweet, and complex coffees.

SEY intimately understands that they are only as good as the raw coffees they work with, and the majority of that burden is carried by the individuals who produce extraordinary coffees. Working closely with partner producers and importers to steadily reinvest and improve upon the work they are doing at origin, SEY is committed publishing price information for every coffee they release; a starting point to inform broader conversation around the true costs of production and the sustainability of specialty coffee as a whole.

Come And Try!

We can’t wait to share SEY coffee with you, explore their offerings and bring you a wide range of coffees to our retail shelves and to drink in the cafe too , as Hand brew , Batch filter and guest espresso.

We are also introducing tasting flights to our menu in line with our new partnership - a way to enjoy one coffee three ways brewed as filter and espresso served three ways, a small 5oz filter, single espresso and a 5oz single shot milk drink. giving all the flavour profiles of one specific coffee.

Coffee at Mow's 

You'll find Mow's on 151 Arundel Street - just in front of Laundry for Hair. We're open from 8am for breakfast through to end of the day pick me ups on the way home.


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