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No Bounds Festival at The Mowbray

What’s That Noise?’ with Sandhya Daemgen

We’re excited to be part of No Bounds Festival this weekend; a new music, art and technology festival in Sheffield. We invite you to The Mowbray for ‘What’s That Noise?’ with Sandhya Daemgen, for an atmospheric listening party, weaving together live music, stories and recordings from select female artists of the past.

Host and Director Sandhya Daemgen will lead the audience through an inclusive and diverse narrative of musical history centering on the personal and political stories of women. The piece offers a platform to current musicians to compose and perform original music inspired by those who came before them.

No Bounds Festival

No Bounds festival is a new music, art and technology festival in Sheffield. The concept behind the festival is about exploring ideas of freedom and expression through the lens of club culture, art and technology. It exists at the intersection of new and established ideas in these areas, and wishes to be a beacon for all artists and audiences interested in experiencing the spontaneous, the joyfully unexpected and the sensory rich moments where new epiphanies are reached.

It is about creating spaces where new social structures can be explored and experienced in a weekend that asks more questions than it gives answers. It is about the new ideas that only emerge when wildly diverse people are brought together.

These are not abstract ambitions, or wishful-thinking slogans: they are based on our lifelong experience of underground club culture. We know that homogeneity is the death of ambition, and the best ideas, and the best parties, come from involving the biggest possible range of people.

Saturday, 12th October 2019
14:30 – 16:30
Free event

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