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Notes from the Kitchen :: Growing it Slow

Growing it Slow

This year we've been cultivating organic herbs to see how far we can take our growing skills. Our plans for the Roof Garden are pretty ambitious - so we've started with a first-things-first approach! 

We've been taking it slow and seeing how our herbs take to life in Neepsend and as progress is being made we've been integrating our herbs into our kitchen and the bar menus.

We're really pleased with progress and we're delighted to have served up Broad Bean Leaves, Young Kale, Beetroot Leaves and Nasturtiums just yesterday in The Mowbray!

Front of House use 'herby snips' for Private Dining and Weddings at The Mowbray from the garden to add in beauty and also sensory tones to their place settings. It is part of the styling we love to do for our guests. The herby snips are always commented on as a really special touch and are brilliant for getting guests chatting to each other!

Growing Notes

We're using this in in Matt’s 'Bloody Good Mary' to form the delicious tomato base.

One of our daily favourite herbs which will get used up with Roast Chicken or tasty potato dishes

Black Peppermint, Garden Mint & Spearmint
We’re trying out a few different mints for our cocktails. We love traditional garden mint for it’s sweet flavour and refreshing mintyness!

Unfortunately this herb is very difficult to get hold of, unless you grow it yourself. We're delighted that this is booming in the Neepsend air!

One of our (other) favourite herbs! It's a daily staple and it's proving a sure fire hit with guests as we often use a sage leaf per place setting for guests to get a real sensory experience of our roof garden!

English Lavender
We grind it with sugar and toss it with strawberries, served with a dollop of clotted cream and freshly baked shortbread- heaven!

Curry Plant
We haven’t cooked much with this herb, so we look forward to trying it out.

Lemon Balm
We adore Lemon Balm! You will find a fresh sprig of this in your Roast Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn G&T

We're already using the flowers and pods in salads and garnishes.

Broad Beans
Already proving to be a real delight - we're using the leaves, flowers and beans.

Red Kale
We're using the small leaves as salad/garnish, and the flowers and larger leaves as the plant develops.

Red Beetroot
We're using the small leaves for salads and the larger leaves as greens. When the root develops we will be pickling them!

The herbs from celeriac are delicious, a sweeter celery flavour with tender leaves like parsley. The young stalks and leaves will make wonderful bloody mary garnishes! When the root has developed and the herbs have stopped growing we will thinly slice and pickle it, as it may be a little tough!

We found a couple of fennel shoots growing in the planter which we have re-planted, they are struggling but we are staying hopeful! Fennel leaves are delicious to use as herbs - so 'come on fennel - you can do it!'

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