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Open House - Reasons to Join Us!

Summer Love

Our Open House events are a great time to pop in to explore The Mowbray and The Chimney House and have a relaxed wander your own time… 

We host Open Houses sometimes twice a month - but  generally host two super special events a year - where we invite friends of The Mowbray to join us for the day - one in the Winter and a Summer edition!

Sunday 11th of June is our Summer Love Edition and we are being joined by a lovely collection of makers and creators all dedicated to you and your vision! 

Reasons to join us! 

* It's free to sign up and all registered guests will receive a free glass of Big Day Punch on arrival to The Mowbray

* The Chimney House will be set and styled for a beautiful wedding ceremony and our team will be here on the day to walk you through step by step!

* Catch some sun (hopefully!) Our roof bar Up On The Roof will be open serving up G&T and Roof Garden Cocktails! All Summer Love cocktails will be a special 'try me' price of two for £12... 

* In your own time - pop in - grab a coffee and a quick look around - or stay a while longer and make yourself at home! Both of our cocktail bars will be open - one inside The Mowbray and Up On The Roof - which are included with each event 

* Want to know more? Book an appointment to chat to one of us about details and ask loads of questions from dates, wedding feasts, custom cocktails, bands, favours, ideas! 

* Have a mini mani! Sheffield Gel Manicures will treating you to free mini manicures! Charlotte will also be chatting through natural nail care and her manicure treats and options…

* Take a ride in Vintage Volksweddings' classic 50s / 60s Volkswagen beetles and campervans who have been delivering brides and grooms to the doors of The Mowbray (and The Chimney House) for a few years now!

* Browse and chat about luxury gowns with Kate Beaumont - she’ll be bringing a beautiful collection to show you.

* Try on and chat about the most beautifully crafted bridal hair accessories made by Debbie Carlisle

* Catch up with Alexandria French Photography who will be capturing our day as well as chatting to you about your dream day…

* Plan and get excited about luxury handcrafted stationery with Georgie Marnie Stationary

* Chat about your perfect custom made rings, wedding rings and jewellery for your day with the marvellous Cathy Sutherland Jewellery

* Ask Cat from Betty's Flower Club any questions about blooms & bouquets for all occasions! 

* Everyone is welcome! We'd love to see you!

Register Here! 


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