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Petit Weddings at The Mowbray

The Petit 

Weddings have just gone petit! 

This is how we started! One of our first weddings at The Chimney House nearly 13 years ago was a Petit Wedding... We remember it well - it was stunning. 

Over a decade later - we've become famous for our Weddings at both The Chimney House and The Mowbray - but find ourselves taking inspiration from our early days to present magical times in turbulent days. 

Petit Means...

...Even more beauty, bespoke styling and that feeling of exclusivity that is normally so hard to find these days. 

We're wholeheartedly embracing Petit times - in the absence of scale - we're concentrating on this unique time to bring joy and unexpected pleasures - after all sometimes the best things in life come in little packages. 

Petit Parcels 

Weddings have never been so important - so here's our 'all inclusive' Petit gift to you...We'd love to chat over the finer details - but for now this is what's included...

The Petit at The Mowbray - including your ceremony at The Chimney House

Includes hire of both The Chimney House for your ceremony and then a quick skip around the corner to The Mowbray to continue the celebrations! 

Petit Feast at The Mowbray 

A deliciously indulgent 5 hour hire of The Mowbray with Petit Feasting, drinks and styling included.

The Petit at The Chimney House

Exclusive 5 hours hire - ceremony and reception
The Laden Table - our signature 'foodies menu' for up to 15 guests 
Our 'Basic Drinks' Package 
Blooms, candles, name places and styling.
Screen and sound! 
And of course well look after you through first viewings, consultations and on the Petit Day itself!

Petit Extras

Go all out, turn up, sit back and let us do absolutely everything for you! 

Ceremony only at The Chimney House 

The Petit Gateaux
The mini Mowbray wedding cake...  4 layers of fresh Vicky sponge cake filled with jam & buttercream and dressed with seasonal florals. 

Le Sip - Ready to Pour Cocktails
A lovely little sip to be enjoyed at home - choose from our Drinketh Menu and we’ll mix your guests a beautiful cocktail in a handy glass bottle - a perfect parting gift at the end of the evening. 

Vin Plus
Upgrade your drinks to something super special

Make your wedding feast even more sublime... We'll curate a cheese board to blow your minds!

Chin Chin 
Additional toast drinks 

We'll even match you up with your dream bridal bunch!

Memory Capture
We know the best photographers who capture The Chimney House and The Mowbray to perfection...They know when every little sunbeam of light and twinkle of stars comes out to capture your memories. 


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