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Vote Here! We're Shortlisted For Best City Venue in The UK Wedding Awards 2020

We're So Proud!

The Mowbray has been shortlisted for Best City Venue in the UK with the UK Wedding Awards! Excitingly The Chimney House has also been shortlist for Best Historic Wedding Venue for 2020 as well! 

Last year The Mowbray made the final list for Best New Venue - so are extra pleased to be back in the race for 2020. It's a real honour to make it to the shortlist as some incredible venues and brands take part each year. The next step is the public vote - which starts on Monday 2nd of December. We'd love to gain your support for this - so if you can spare a mo - it would be amazing! 

We Need Your Vote!

There's 10 venues in each category. 

It's simple to vote - you just need to fill out your details and you'll be also entered to win a holiday to Mauritius worth £3,000!

Voting closes on Friday 31st of January! 

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For this article - we couldn't resist revisiting the gorgeous photography from Sam & Christina's Wedding - take a look at their day here.

The 2020 Competition Entry 

The Mowbray is luxuriously historic and marvellously modern with gentle styling and a story behind even the smallest item - from florals through to Sheffield cutlery for your wedding feast to a grander narrative of responsibility, rescue, re-use and restoration.

We are based in Neepsend, Sheffield. We love it round here - as you really feel connected to the City on a physical level yet in spirit we’re able to nurture feelings of heady romance and wanderlust.

We are independent, family run and operated - opening in September 2018 after a 3 year restoration of a crumbling, derelict building from 1889 in an industrial area of Sheffield.

Luxury for us means is provenance and thoughtfulness - embodied in our own ‘essence’ which burns in each room inspired from the past lives of the building and temptingly tactile, 20ft tall ‘Mowbray Green’ velvet drapes can be drawn of left open for some magnificent natural light displays.

We’ve designed and made 80% of what you see from within a mile radius of the building including the 2 metre wide chandelier made from reclaimed 1940’s glass bricks - which was created in our workshops a step away from The Mowbray.

The Mowbray is made up of 4 spaces - the main feasting hall, a British garden on the roof terrace for native blooms, herbs, drinks and photographs, our kitchen and the bar - an 8ft antique slate clad beauty held together by original brass screws for tipples and treats.

Our capacity is up to 160 seated or 250 for a soiree.

Please tell us why you deserve to be a UK Wedding Awards winner

We’ve approached Weddings at The Mowbray as a complete sensory lifestyle experience that engages all of the senses from the herbs on our roof garden to pickling and curing, baking and making in the kitchen to our ‘essence’ floating in the air to the tactile feels of years old antiques and soft leathers.

We are a venue with sustainability at our heart - high in the rafters sits our design agency 93ft responsible for the design and build of The Mowbray. Local and international guests are fascinated by our narrative of re-use, rescue and restoration.

We bring new thinking, new ways and present a venue that through design and creativity embodies a luxury that goes deeper than ‘styling or dressing’. From our first viewing to the final consultation we involve our couples in the fabric of the story of The Mowbray allowing a deeper connection - appealing especially to those who want a responsible and sustainable story behind their wedding venue.

We have also developed our own feasting style especially for lovers of our Sheffield heartland and supporters of local, regional and Yorkshire food.

The very heart of The Mowbray reflects the coming together of likeminded people who are intrinsically connected who treasure the simplicity of beauty in all forms. From our interior to our bespoke made furniture and lighting to our wedding feasts.

Our guests adore the fact they are gifted our bespoke ‘essence’ and can lust after canteens of ‘Mowbray Made’ Sheffield cutlery that go straight onto their wedding gift list!

The Mowbray Kitchen

The Mowbray Kitchen are Wedding Feast specialists! We work holistically and sustainably and are heavily influenced by a month by month account of the year. Our menus take into account the weather, harvests, tides, foraging, optimal growth times and peak picking times! We are champions of ultra fresh produce, pickling, preserving, fresh bread and cake baking and of course working with the best ingredients and suppliers that we can find.

Our style has been tailored to how well guests respond to excellent food and drink served up feasting style. It’s all about being super social, sharing, ice-breaking and absolutely plentiful and of course delicious! From when the sun rises until the stars come out, we’ve got it covered.

For lovers of our Sheffield heartland and supporters of local, regional and Yorkshire food we endorse purely seasonal menus which give wedding couples the comfort of knowing the exact provenance of their menus as well as fitting comfortably into budgets.

We also enjoy the indulgence of one to one consultations with wedding guests and their families for bespoke menus for all of the important moments during the day and we also create three or five tiered wedding cakes.

We create seasonal cordials and purees for welcome drinks and bespoke made cocktails and for those wanting their own range of custom softs drinks we turn to the harvest to blend and create the loveliest of refreshers. Special hedgerow blends for gin and vodka which we leave to infuse for just the right amount of time are always huge favourites for cocktails!

Let's Feast!

We’re changing perceptions of wedding food - one feast at a time! We champion our own coined phrase - ‘Grand dining’ which for us is about perfecting the art of feasting by putting the emphasis of luxury onto an abundant table of food which revolves around seasonal simplicity and allowing carefully curated ingredients lead.

“The feasting style of our menus allows us to think just about what is delicious, rather than what will look good on a plate together to be analysed and explained. The meal is totally about the ingredients and doing the best with them individually, then presenting them as a whole for our guests to enjoy at their leisure.” The Mowbray Kitchen

Presentation for us is key - and we use beautiful handcrafted salt glaze ceramics to compliment our food, creating a beautiful feel for guests passing bowls and plates around the table. Our serveware has been carefully curated to include antique cutlery to keep the continued narrative of provenance and care. Our dinner service however is traditionally and quintessentially English with an honest translation of classic. Our cutlery has been made bespoke for us in Sheffield and has a gorgeous custom finish. We always style our plates with fresh cut/home grown herbs and savouries.

Our thinking behind our menus, food and our service is that exceptional quality has to lead - always with an eye on great value, exceptional aesthetics and 100% satisfaction for our couples on their rehearsal dinner, their pre-dinner snacks, their wedding feast, evening snacks and of course their cake!

Review Time

"The Mowbray Kitchen are superb world-class chefs and all our guests including the fussiest - complimented the food on the wedding day. We are both into our good food and drink so this was a top priority for us, we chose The Laden table for our day and everything was delicious and cooked perfectly. We have been told by many guests that the apple crumble was the best they had ever tasted, and the meat and fish got lots of praises too! Our wedding cake was also baked by The Mowbray kitchen; it was just beautiful and also very tasty."
Sam & Christina

“One of the things our guests couldn’t stop talking about was the food! We didn’t have one complaint, and I have some fussy eaters but everyone loved it. There was so much of it and it tasted amazing. We had an informal feasting style, with long tables and food in the middle so everyone could help themselves. People commented about how nice it was, and how it got everyone interacting and talking to one another. Plus there was none of that waiting for tables to be served, everyone was eating at the same time. “
Kelly & David

“Our family friends got to sit round the most stunning tables sharing the most wonderful food. The food served was out of this world we received so many fantastic reviews from our guests. We had several dietary requirements all which were met with the most amazing taste and textures.
To the chefs who worked so hard, you made our day perfect! The food was such an important part of our wedding and it was more than we could have imagined. Guest have even tried recreating the flavours of sharing table back at home. The quality of food and being sourced locally satisfied our need to support local businesses and showcase what Sheffield has to offer.”
Lucy & Christopher

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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