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The 2023 RESET - Yoga & Brunch at The Mowbray

The Most Lovely Sunday!

Hosted on the 15th of January - we welcomed a full house of guests for a sublime Sunday morning with a gentle group of like minds for our annual Winter Retreat - RESET. 

We extended an invite to tap into great vibes to give your mind, body and soul a beautiful start to 2023 with the help of our Yoga teacher - Rebecca Lee Close who we welcomed to The Mowbray for the first time.  

The Yoga

A guided 90 minute flow to help shrug off the weight of winter with a focus on shedding tension and heaviness, twisting and rinsing out to welcome in lightness and joy to prepare us for a new year. 

Designed to create a feeling of wellness and to slip most luxuriously into the space created with movement and mobility to suit your body.

We finished with a restorative yoga ‘nidra’. This ancient practice takes you to a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the 'going-to-sleep' stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, where you'll become systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. It is an immensely powerful meditation technique.

We stepped off our mats feeling spacious and lengthened and ready to receive the opportunity and potential that the new year offers.

The Brunch

A Middle Eastern Inspired Feast 

We served a delicious and nourishing feast for brunch to extend the glow in our hearts into our tums! 

Delicious small plates & bowls to pass & share... Insanely delicious - all made freshly, with love on the day by Emma & Matt from The Mowbray Kitchen. 

Kubaneh; Israeli style brioche (v, g)

Soft boil eggs with spiced roasted tomatoes (v)

Tahini labneh (v)

Cucumber dressed with dill & olive oil (v)

Lamb merguez sausage with pomegranate molasses & mint 

Or for our vegetarian guests - Feta & spinach filo pie (v, g)

Date & pumpkin seed loaf (v, ve, g)

Dried figs, steeped with tea & warm spices (v, ve)

Yorkshire honey & roasted walnuts (v)

Compote & marmalade (v)

Longley Farm yoghurt (v)

(v) = vegetarian  (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

Thank Yous!

A huge and heartfelt thanks to our wonderful guests for making such a magical morning - and of course Rebecca!

We were treated by our friends - Essence & Alchemy for the most beautiful Arcana Tealight, Jolly Allotment for tea (it is SO good - follow the link and read more - there's even a subscription to it - it is THAT good) and her ‘little book of wellness for goodness’, Elsie Moss Botanical for our absolute fav soap of all time, Coffee at Mow's for beans to grind at home (or take them into Mow’s for us to grind!) Lush, Sheffield for treaty pots … mmm sleepy lotion and Thermos UK for our super handy glass water bottles. 

Last thank you to the amazing Polly Baldwin (also of Jolly Allotment fame) for joining us in her generous, open hearted way - to capture the morning most wonderfully... A most highly recommended photographer and a wonderful addition to any event...

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