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The Art of Aperitivo

An Enviable Italian Ritual


We just LOVE curating bespoke bar menus for our Supper Clubs. From the sophisticated to the sublime, Aperitivo to Digestivo, Italian cocktail culture evokes sun soaked nostalgia for evenings with friends on the Amafli Coast - a delightful spritz to hand. Bellissimo!


Aperitivo is joyous and mood-lifting. Usually a Negroni, Spritz or Americano, Aperitivo swept Northern Italy in the early 20th Century and now an inevitable (and wonderful) pre dinner Italian ritual! 

Spritz are the lighter side of Italian cocktail culture. Spritz were first created during World War I as a palatable solution to Italy's strong, bitter wine. The 1950's saw spritz become a glamours and sophisticated tipple of choice and has since remained a delightful favourite in Italian culture.

As with much Mediterranean cooking, there's beauty in the simplicity of ingredients and flavours. In Italy, these two go firmly hand in hand.

Spritz represents the ritual of Aperitivo, followed by grazing and socialising - it’s the Italian way! 

"In Italy, spritz is less a cocktail and more a symbol of dedication to the idea that leisure is important to Italian culture,"

Talia Baiocchi

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