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The Mowbray & Other Stories

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Let us introduce you to our first edition of The Mowbray & Other Stories. This is a mini journal, or 'Zine' charting some of the stories from events hosted in Sheffield at The Chimney House on Kelham Island and our new venue The Mowbray, Neepsend.

Our Zine is a glimpse into our daily world of business conferences, meetings, away days, team training and workshops in Sheffield - as well as corporate wellness retreats and corporate private dining for business get-togethers.

It also gives you a peek into parties, weddings and gorgeous birthday celebrations that we host across both of our historic buildings. Packed full of testimonials, facts and stories from recent House Events, The Mowbray Kitchen and Christmas it is a great insight into our world - perfect to have to hand when you're thinking about your next event...

Issue one also includes a chapter on our makers and creators 93ft - and The Mowbray's story of rebirth from industrial wreak into a state of the art events space. The Zine also tells the story of some of 93's recent multi-award winning projects across interiors, brand and websites with clients such as The Pilgrm in London, Jaywing in Sheffield, Darkwoods Coffee and The Conan Doyle Estate.

We teamed up with ASAP to print our Zine... It's beautifully tactile and luxurious to hold and shows some of the fantastic photography from both buildings in beautiful tones, showing off The Mowbray & The Chimney House in action to perfection. 

Photos by Mariola Zoladz

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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