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The Mowbray at Home - What Our Customers Say

Branching Out

On one hand it was a pretty big thing for us to branch out to do The Mowbray at Home - it has taken a lot of time and effort to take the plunge - on the other hand - it seems to be a good solution at this uncertain time - and is allowing us to present seasonal, Mowbray made food to our customers. It's absolutely crucial that we know we're hitting your expectations and providing a really great service that is tasty, good value and packaged responsibly.

The Mowbray at Home Has a New Home!

Committed to bringing you creative feasting at home food that explores fresh seasonality with Mowbray made food designed by our chefs to surprise and delight and to raise the spirits!

By request and in the name of keeping our menus totally cost effective for you - we've invested into and developed our own 'The Mowbray at Home Shop'. We were being asked over and over by our customers if they could collect from us rather than pay for any third party delivery fees - so we've taken the plunge and have set up our new online shop! Open from Thursday 28th of May 2020. 

Visit The Shop

New Menus!

We're also dedicated to bringing you a totally new menu each week... It's allowed us to keep our ingredients super seasonal and to play around with price points, number of courses, styles of food and how we present it. It's been brilliant to be on this journey - and to allow us to invigorate our team and to keep pushing business to our suppliers.

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Just on the packaging note - we're using bags that are 100% 'made from plants', pots and containers that are 100% recyclable/compostable - to stay as true as we can to our in-house ethos of no plastics. We're loving exploring ways to deliver your food to you in top notch condition - that's also cost effective and plays a part in responsible usage. 

What They Say!

Here are a selection of comments and reviews that we've been super proud to receive.  

"The Mowbray at Home is a great idea for creating a little special moment at home.

The service was fantastic, delivered on time with easy to follow instructions for cooking where needed and they even chucked in the tin foil required.

The quality of the food and dishes were outstanding and the wine was delicious, we’ll definitely be treating ourselves again soon!”

Charlotte & Rob

"We had the most perfect garden supper club thanks to the wonderful team serving up The Mowbray at Home.

Everything is just so well thought through - delivery on the nail, instructions faultless and the food is simply heavenly!!

And very generous.

We really felt like we’d had a proper treat.

We enjoyed it so much I’m surprising my sister and niece with a delivery this Friday!!

I can’t wait to hear what they think of the margaritas - they sound delightful - Thank you so much team Mo."

Helen Davies 
"It was amazing!! Will defos be signing up for another one!! Thanks!"

Andy Fletcher

"Thank you to The Mowbray At Home team for the most wonderful ‘Eat At Home Feast’ experience.

We ordered - and devoured - The Brisket Box and The Veggie Box.

Both meals were absolutely delicious with very generous portion sizes.

Brilliant value.

From the point of ordering to the moment we tucked in, the whole thing was a joy - so easy.

My husband is hard to please and he was super impressed!

We can not wait for our next Mowbray At Home experience."

Vanessa Rodgers

“We loved our barbecue. It was so delicious and so easy to put together.

We especially liked the Pork Ribeye and Veggie box.

Desserts were delicious too & City Grab worked well.”

Caroline da Costa

“The beef brisket we had today from the Mowbray via City Grab was superb! My family would highly recommend it!!!!” 

Marvin Henshaw

“The Mowbray at home was the most amazing ever, absolutely beautiful food”

Donna Bland 

“After a really crappy day, The Mowbray at Home was exactly what I needed.

The most delicious Marmalade Margarita and scrummy food. 100% recommend.”

Zofia Trzeciak

"The chefs at The Mowbray bringing absolute joy with restaurant quality food to our home again tonight.

Yorkshire sharing steak, asparagus, skin on chips, spring salad and the best smoked cream cheese and Cafe de Mowbray butter.

Chocolate tart was going to be saved (again) but who could resist!”

Fran Shore

“Fab meal tonight courtesy of The Mowbray!

Thank you!”

Michelle Nolan

"I wanted to say your food has brought a huge smile to mine and my husband’s faces.

I was also just talking to a customer who has the Marmalade Margaritas on order this weekend and I was explaining how gorgeous they were.

Weekends aren’t the same at the moment but you are doing a great job of bringing a slice of decadence to a very abnormal situation.”

Amy Tingle

"Well what can I say, we had the “Steak Night” last Friday it was great, delivered promptly via taxi on Friday afternoon. All ready to have the final touches required.

If you are in the Sheffield area and fancy something that’s most definitely not a takeaway. I give this restaurant standards food my strongest recommendation.

It’s not delivered ready to eat so you can cook it as and when you please but it requires very little effort from yourself."

Damian Hardy

"The food was amazing, we were so grateful to you for providing the Mowbray at Home service.

We particularly enjoyed the featherblade of beef, it was so tender and everything was super easy to heat up.

The portions were so generous too.

We’d also like to thank you for adapting the menu for dietary requirements and making the individual chocolate tart for my sister, she commented that it was delicious and we all loved the Hazelnut treacle tart. We did spend Mother’s Day at the Mowbray last year and it was on this basis that we booked up again.

So we were very pleased that you came up with a plan for the day and we look forward to seeing you all again in person once these challenging times are over."

Joanne Mackenzie

"Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed the takeaway Mother's day meal from you yesterday.

All the food was fabulous quality and prepared SO well.

The cooking instructions were excellent and all in oven ready containers as well.

All I actually needed to do was to microwave steam the veg. The portions were very generous too, although, that said, there was nothing left over as it was so delicious.

So please give our compliments to the chef and all involved for providing us with an excellent lunch."

Linda Hawkes.

"Thank you to you and your team for what was an absolutely amazing Mother’s Day Lunch.

The service was faultless and the food was excellent. The heating instructions were easy to follow and the portions were huge!!

Thank you again, it was a great idea and something we will definitely recommend and that we will certainly get involved in again."

Carla Rist

"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed tonight’s fish feast - every single item was delicious!

Not having to plan and prepare a meal is a real treat! Also the delivery driver was very pleasant and polite.Thank you so much - I look forward to the next one.”

Lynn Watts

“Ok, Just wow!

The best Friday night ‘out’ for weeks. 

Lovely balanced meal and a real special occasion in the evening sunshine.

The Margaritas helped the evening along nicely.....

Absolutely the first of a series of special evenings. Thanks a million!”

Chris & Sara

"Just wanted to say thank you for our incredible May feast and the bottle of Prosecco! Today would’ve been such a lovely day to get married at the Chimney House but we can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!"

Lauren White 
"Thank you so much for our wonderful May Feast yesterday. It really was a feast, everything was delicious and thank you for all the effort you went to give me a gluten free version. I knew it would be good but this surpassed expectation."

Judith Sandeman

"Just a very big thank you for our first Mowbray feast.  So many lovely flavours to enjoy. We'll definitely be back for more take home feasts and can't wait to experience eating in your amazing venue."

Anne Jervis 

"Just wanted to say how much we’ve enjoyed your Mowbray at Home feasts. We’ve been lucky enough to try three of them so far and they have all been absolutely delicious and have felt like a real treat! It’s like top restaurant food in the comfort of your own home and even the little bit of preparation needed adds a little something to the evening! We can’t wait to see what’s on offer next. Thank you so much and wishing you lots of luck going forward."

Kerry Kilvington

“Unbelievable. Truly. That was incredible. Thank you!”

Graham Smyth

“Treated ourselves to a fancy takeaway this week courtesy of The Mowbray. Excellent vegan food for a hot Friday evening- thank you!”

Esther Allen

“Best. Takeaway. Ever. Putting it out there - the May Feast from The Mowbray was 100% the best meal I’ve had in forever (sorry to my at home personal chef who has been compensating for my lacking cooking skills during lockdown). I had far too much fun staging these pictures but the taste was even better than appearances - house made tahini labneh with punjabi cabbage to die for - aforementioned chef raved for the cauli bake! Basically all damn amazing / we’re stuffed / we can’t wait for lunch leftovers tomorrow / we’re defs using the dishwasher tonight.”


"We had delivery of your Roast for 2 last Saturday as a gift for my birthday from our daughter, Jane Tomkinson. I really wanted to give you feedback to encourage your efforts. The meal was fabulous and thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my husband. We had the starter for lunch and then the roast for Dinner In the evening. After the Roast we had no room for the Brownies so we enjoyed them on Sunday meaning that your meal lasted us over 2 days. These are truly hard times and I congratulate all of your team for finding a way to create an income and keep working. WELL DONE and many thanks."

Christine Kilvington

“Just to let you know the meat free feast was absolutely delicious and we'll definitely be ordering again!”

Adrienne Eyre

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