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The Mowbray Christmas Pudding

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This year - for Christmas - we're pushing the festive boat right out! We’re focussing especially on deluxe details that really make a Christmas Feast spectacular. First up... The Mowbray Christmas Pudding - custom made to order and already legendary thanks to our first Christmas at The Mowbray in 2018. 

The Mowbray Christmas Pudding recipe is Emma’s own, perfected after several years of trials!

The Best Festive Ingredients

The Mowbray kitchen use dried cranberries, morello cherries, dried apricots, candied orange & dried figs as well as fresh apples, and loads of fresh orange zest and juice. They also use fresh eggs and luxe brown sugar. For the boozy hit we use brandy and local cider.

The ‘making’ process takes 3 days of chopping, grating and soaking to create the perfect pud, after steaming until the sugars start to caramelise, they will be left to mature for around 6 weeks. This is just enough time for the flavours to harmonise, and for the juicy, boozy fruits to soak the pud to perfection.

The Serve

When your Christmas Feast comes around, your pudding will be served piping hot topped with roasted almonds and candied fruit with jugs of thick brandy cream.

You can either choose to have Christmas Pudding for all your guests or order one or two for the table; they will be approx 1kg which would serve 8-10 guests a decent slice, or just a taste for more.

The Order

We need all orders for our Mowbray-made puds by 20th November 2019. (please let us know if you’d like your pud made to cater for any dietary requirements such as wheat or alcohol free, we will be making our puds vegetarian and nut free as standard)


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