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The Mowbray x Bench x The Orange Bird Canteen

A Sheffield Collaboration 

It was a total joy to come together with two fantastic Sheffield restaurants - Bench and The Orange Bird Canteen on Sunday 28th of April for a sumptuous afternoon of a true celebration of food, drinks and good vibes! 

It was an idea we chatted about before Christmas 2023 - and we were all wowed when the event sold out in under 2 hours! 

It was the first time we've collaborated for a dining event - our Head Chef Emma and Head of Kitchen Matt - working alongside Ronnie from Bench and Matt from Orange Bird - seemingly effortlessly creating an epic feast... A testament to skill, passion, excellent ingredients and so much prep!

It was such a dynamic afternoon with a gigantic effort from everyone in the kitchen - and I loved finding out that Ronnie picks his wild garlic from a little patch just around the corner from Bench...  

It was also such a treat to have such pro hosts with us on the day alongside our team - Jack from Bench and Anne from Orange Bird - kindness and good vibes personified - plus - with piles of mutual appreciation of the food that was served... 

And of course our guests - a full house of brilliant people! Thank you for bringing your appetite, your enthusiasm and wonder - your support was and is everything to us - and we can't thank you enough for making our afternoon so special...

We also launched some of our new cocktails as we move into the Summer - alongside a fantastic natural wine list from Tenaya Wine - which guaranteed a joyous afternoon... 

A massive thanks to Jack, Ronnie, Anne and Matt for such a wonderful time...We loved every minute of it!  

The Lunch


Mowbray-made Kubaneh brioche with Labneh & garlic pickle (v)

Bench sourdough with yeasted butter (v)


Amasi flatbreads, mother in law masala butter & carrot molasses (v)

Peri peri oyster mushroom skewer, mango pickle mayonnaise (v)

Smoked Jollof rice, caramelised aubergine & hibiscus (v)

Bunny chow curried boering goat, with sweet potato tahini & creme fraiche (contains sesame)

For our vegetarian guests: Sweet potato tahini, creme fraiche & paprika oil (v)


Chicken schnitzel with Isle of Wight tomatoes & burnt onions

Roast potatoes with smoked chicken fat pil pil

Grilled baby gem with ranch dressing & anchovy

Wild garlic salsa verde

For our vegetarian guests:

Aubergine schnitzel with Isle of Wight tomatoes & burnt onions (v)

Smoked potatoes al pil pil (v)

Grilled baby gem with ranch dressing (v)

Wild garlic salsa verde (v)


Custard tart with roasted Wye Valley rhubarb (v)

Honey, rosemary & toasted sesame ganache (v, contains sesame)

(v) = vegetarian

Thank you!

Huge thanks to Danni Maibaum for capturing our day!

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