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Ten Reasons Why We Can't Wait For Brunch Club!

Seasonal Switch!

As Spring approaches we are introducing a new Sunday event to seasonally take over from our Sunday family & friends fave - The Great Sheffield Roast. We're proud to present our new Brunch Club - taking place on occasional Sunday's during the Spring and Summer.

Ten Reasons Why We Can't Wait For Brunch Club

1. Friends and Family! Everyone is welcome and there's a super tasty Pancake plate for the kids! 

2. We have a new coffee machine - a Mini Mow's has arrived at The Mowbray! Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White... Yay!

3. It's going to be a FEAST! A rolling menu of plenty of treats! 

4. We have a 'try me' price on our new Brunch Cocktails - including Morning Mimosa, Bloody Mary and Breakfast Martini

5. We get to eat loads of Mowbray Made Kubaneh - an Israeli style brioche - it's insanely good... 

6. Brown butter buns with cassis icing rounds off the Feast - they are a Mowbray institution... 

7. It's a very relaxed sort of affair... Bring the papers, a book - put your feet up sort of vibe! 

8. The morning sunlight that fills The Mowbray is an absolute tonic and great for the soul - we sometimes miss that with a later dinner service!

9. We'll be Feasting in-amongst the prettiest flowers and early Spring foliage - with plenty of candles making for a cosy little ambiance...

10.  A beautiful morning into early afternoon - loads of time to have a wander around Kelham Island and enjoy the rest of the day with a nice warm Brunch glow in your belly!

Join Us!

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