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The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2022 - The Great Sheffield Roast - Runner Up!

Runner Up!

We are delighted that 'The Great Sheffield Roast' at The Mowbray is a Runner Up in The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2022 for 'Best Sunday Lunch'! We are so proud about this - as this is a public vote and we run 'ROAST' very intermittently through the year when we're able - so this means a huge amount to our small team! Thank you to everyone for voting for us! 

If you know us - you'll know we are super proud of the food at The Mowbray and our Chef Team - Emma, Matt, James and Jack. Led by Emma Tophill Reed - The Mowbray Kitchen's dedication to seasonality, unfailing top notch ingredients and their gentlest touch with produce is always first and foremost. 

The Great Sheffield Roast

We've been running The Great Sheffield Roast for a good few years now - and we've been kindly told that is has gained a bit of a cult following! Sunday's sell out as soon as tickets are released and we usually cap Roast at 80 guests for one sitting only.

For us - above all - Roast is about quality time with friends and family - with a tremendous feast to bring everyone together... As with any of our events - we never serve 'plated' it's always to share, pass and be social within the people in your group - if you've enjoyed a Roast with us you'll know that the bowls are always brimming and you literally can't move afterwards...

Our menu is everything we believe to be the perfect Sheffield Roast  and dishes are created with only the best local ingredients.

We always invite guests to get settled in with some custom Sunday cocktails from the Bar for a good half an hour before service - and we always kick off with serving children first -  alongside still warm loaves of Mowbray made bread and Yorkshire Butter. The vibe is always a pivot of eager anticipation then full satisfaction alongside a soundtrack of Sunday r&r... 

Here's a small selection of some of our fav snaps that the team takes through food service for The Great Sheffield Roast! 

This is how Roast usually looks at The Mowbray...With a changing pud each time!


Mowbray-made loaves with Yorkshire butter (v, g)


Roast Yorkshire Sirloin of Beef - served medium rare

With proper gravy (of course)

Horseradish cream

For our vegetarian guests

Walnut & polenta roast (v, g, n)

Roast onion gravy (v, ve)

SIDES TO SHARE (there might be a slight seasonal change to a couple of veggie sides!)

Yorkshire puddings (v, g)

Roasted cauliflower cheese (v)

Roasted heritage carrots (v, ve)

Mixed British greens (v, ve)

Perfect Mowbray roasties (v, ve)


Classic Mowbray PAV - crispy white meringue topped with fresh whipped cream & piles of berries


Roast chicken with roasties, cauliflower cheese, peas, carrots & half a Yorkshire Pud! (g) 

or Mini Mac n Cheese (v, g)

Join Us!

We have just released the next round of ROAST dates - head over to our Events Page to find your date!

Your Next Roast!

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