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The Yorkshire Feast at The Mowbray

We’re proud to be connecting a growing organic network of like minded people or kindred spirits who love to gather and come together to share great times over food, drink and music. We're proud to present...

The Yorkshire Feast at The Mowbray

£35 per person
Saturday 18th August 2018 7.30pm

The Inspiration

A lot of what we do at The Mowbray and at The Chimney House is inspired by travel, places we’ve stayed and people we’ve met along the way over the years...

Many moons ago... We went to Man Ray, Paris.

At the time it was owned by Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, John Malkovich - pretty cool.

Man Ray at the time was all about the music and all about the food. A totally simple combo...Easy to say - and those guys nailed it. An indulgent boho feast around beautiful tables and music which effortlessly carried you through a long lazy dinner and up and onto the dance floor - it was just dreamy...

With this in mind we’d love to invite you along to The Yorkshire Feast at The Mowbray.

Come and Join us!

Come and dine with us on Saturday 18th August for a plunge into a musical adventure from RADIO MOWBRAY and a sumptuous Yorkshire ingredient led Summer feast presented by The Kitchen at The Mowbray.

This is the first of our dining events at The Mowbray - think a laid back Supper Club where the simple stuff just happens... Great food, great music, beautiful cutlery made over the road by W.Wright, great drinks, kindred spirits, great times.

We'll be looking after you! The price per head includes:


A Mowbray Summer Cup

A glass of something boozy, summery and delicious on arrival to slip you into Saturday night mode

Table Snacks

Bites to rev up your appetite


We can’t wait to tell you about the first RADIO MOWBRAY Guest DJ…! She is a wonder! Say HELLO to CHARLOTTE GUTU...

She's been playing in bars and clubs across Manchester for the last 7 years and has made her way over the hill to her new home of Sheffield and to The Mowbray! Charlotte has acquired an eclectic mix of music including soul, funk, disco, afro beat, latin and house. Charlotte’s passion for all music and appreciation for classic, contemporary and everything in-between mean her sets are infused with a comforting, familiar sound whilst offering something new and refreshing.

One thing's for sure... This is going to be one EPIC EVENING!

Two-Course Table Feast

Served Up Feasting and Sharing Style.

Chargrilled ‘Loose Birds’ Spatchcock Chicken with a Mowbray x Pale Rider Ale Deliciously Smokey Barbecue Sauce

Paul Talling in Harome in North Yorkshire affords his chickens a long and idyllic life. They are completely free range, and are kept twice as long as intensively reared chickens. Paul’s chickens are highly sought after due to his excellent welfare standards, and the superior meat produced by these loose birds...They are also absolutely delicious!

Of course we have Pale Rider starring on our menu! An award winning ale from our neighbours Kelham Island Brewery - it’s a Sheffield classic and the drink of choice for many of our guests at The Chimney House! We chose it to bring some bitter citrus notes to our barbecue sauce.

For our vegetarian guests...

Polenta with Oak Smoked Wensleydale, Charred Sweetcorn & Marinated Yorkshire Tomatoes (V)

This naturally oak smoked and handcrafted cheese from Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes retains its crumbly texture. Wensleydale cheese has a Protected Geographical Indication which means it can only be made in Wensleydale. It’s one of our favourite cheeses.

Stockbridge House are on a mission to sustainably grow northern tomatoes throughout the year using LED technology, we’re proud to showcase this Yorkshire based agricultural innovation! We're on a mission to eat them all!

The ULTIMATE Yorkshire Caesar - Barbecued Whitby Mackerel, Yorkshire Pecorino, Longley Buttermilk Dressing & Fresh Leaves

JH Mann on Sharrow Vale are supplying some beautifully fresh mackerel landed in Whitby which stars alongside Pecorino made right here in Yorkshire. Mario makes this Sardinian style cheese by hand in Adel, just outside Leeds using local sheep’s milk and recipes developed from his Italian heritage - the perfect match for Longley Farm’s buttermilk to make an indulgent Mowbray Caesar dressing. The leaves are from Tomlinsons - who are in the Rhubarb Triangle but grow other veg and salad leaf through the rest of the season - we’ve selected the tastiest leaves to create the ultimate Summer salad!

MOWBRAY MADE Flatbreads with Chargrilled Rainbow Chard & Yorkshire Blue (V)

Our Head Chef Emma makes THE most incredible bread...These are her signature flatbreads that originally won our hearts!

Shepherd’s Purse have been making Yorkshire Blue - this creamy, subtle blue cheese since 1995 from Yorkshire Cow’s Milk. It is aged for 8 weeks and turned by hand each week which gives it the consistent flavour and texture.

The Rainbow Chard is grown by Robert Tomlinson in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. Pleasingly Robert’s Twitter handle is @RhubarbRobert !

Kohlrabi Slaw with Lemon, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil & Fresh Herbs (V)

The weird and wonderful Kohlrabi are part of the brassica family, and are grown by Robert Tomlinson in Pudsey. Wharfe Valley Yorkshire Rapeseed oil is grown and pressed by the Kilby family in Collingham using 100% their own crops.

House Fries & Mowbray Made Garlic Aioli (V)

Is there anything better than perfectly seasoned fries and a bloomin great Aioli? Nope!


Berries from Richard Morritt at Low Moor Farm, North Yorkshire and Makins who are a Yorkshire Strawberry specialist. Longley Cream, Chimney House grown Rose Geranium & tip top Mowbray Meringue


We’ll have a well stocked bar with some delightful boozy and non-boozy options to help things along! We'll also be drinks matching and will have some sublime wine to pre-order or buy on the night!

Come and join us! Tickets are limited - so please book well in advance!

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