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There's something about a Winter Wedding

Favourite Things...

We are booking the last dates for January and February 2020 and last remaining dates for November, January and February for 2021! Here's our top favourite Wintery reasons to get married at the end or the start of the year!

You Get To Layer up 

Guests, Grooms, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and of course the Bride - We adore the ceremonial unwrapping of a Winter bride on arrival into The Mowbray - layers of softest textures, beautiful accessories and wraps of carefully chosen textile to reveal the gown beneath. Of course - there is all the delight of a Winter gown all sleeves, cuffs, necklines and amazing hues... and shoes! Glorious shoes!

Candlelight and Cosy Times

It's a trademark of The Chimney House and The Mowbray to dim our lights to an ambient glow and dine by candlelight. Romantic - absolutely, cosy - totally - and in our eyes there's nothing finer than seeing the room full of loved ones in the soft glow of candlelight...Of course we'll have The Mowbray essence burning - made especially for us by Essence & Alchemy. 

No Weather Worries

Part of choosing a Winter wedding means you've already relinquished the thought that it might rain! It's a giant relief to park that thought and think Winter sun, a scattering of snow or the nip of frost... And of course if it does rain we'll have The Chimney House and The Mowbray toasty warm and welcoming to perfection. 

The Mowbray Kitchen

The Kitchen LOVE Winter. It's the perfect time for sophisticated Wedding Feasts. Abundance in the form of pickles, infusions and preserves - which release the memory of Summer, magnificent cuts, rich and complex flavours balanced with the freshness of the autumn and winter allotment. Plus - beautiful bakes and deeply steeped puddings with plump boozy fruit. 

Low Winter Sun

If there is sun on the day - a mid afternoon Winter Wedding at The Mowbray is always rewarded by a beautiful natural light display. The low hanging sun casts long light shafts and elegant shadows for beautiful captures of guests and the building. After dusk gathers the clear Neepsend sky reveals twinkling stars and the rising of the winter moon. 

We'd love to chat to you about your Winter Wedding... Come and see us and get inspired! 

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