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Tinctures, Tonics & Love Potions

A Little Bit Of Fun

Usually when we host Valentines at The Mowbray - it’s totally all about everyone - which is why we call it Vals & Pals...

With lockdown this year we thought it might be fun to do a postable love potion that you can send out to pals and vals wherever they are in the UK to bring a little smile and a little glow of love in the heart. 

We have created two special tipples which make super cute gifts for the one(s) you love. We can’t guarantee our potions will make someone fall in love, but you will put a smile on their face and a delicious drink in their glass!

Both of our potions are made with incredible Yorkshire ‘forced’ rhubarb (which is fabulous at the moment) and specially selected herbs and aromats - chosen for their pleasing tastes and traditional medicinal properties.


A house-made boozy infusion of Yorkshire Rhubarb in Gin, with floral rose & our house grown scented geranium. The prettiest pink drink based on traditional tincture recipes of infusion into spirit. This gin infusion can be sent through the post, but unfortunately due to the current restrictions we cannot offer collection for this tipple. 

This is a 100ml potion - 4 single measures - a delicious pour over ice with a splash of tonic, soda or fizz! Postage charges are included. We'll even write you a little note to go with your Love Potion - just let us know your message in our comments section at checkout! 

£8 and £3.85 for 1st Class Postage


A refreshing rhubarb pick-me-up with the added aromas of lemon balm, ginger & rosehips. Rhubarb is high in Vitamin K and antioxidants. Rosehips are packed with vitamin C and lemon balm is used traditionally as a  mood elevating herb! 

This potion is 330ml, is booze free and is only available for collection as it needs to stay in the fridge. Simply pour over ice for a delicious refresher - also delicious mixed at home with gin! 


How To Order

Order Feasts and the PlaTONIC Potion by Wednesday 10th of February at 4pm.

The Postable Love Potion needs to be ordered by Monday 8th of February and will be posted out on Wednesday 10th of February so it can be with your Val/Pal ready for the weekend! 

Order Here

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