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Vote For Us! The Exposed 2024 Awards

We Need Your Help!

We’ve never 'officially' entered the Exposed Awards before - so we’d love it if you could vote for us!

Thought it would be handy to give a little reason why we’ve chosen the three awards that we have to try and muster some support for! 

Huge thank yous in advance! 


The Mowbray for our Supper & Lunch Clubs


We’ve been running Supper and Lunch Clubs since we started in 2018 - from The Feast of All Hallow’s to Steak Night and The Italian Canteen to The Levantine Table and our Up On The Roof Summer BBQs and of course The Great Sheffield Roast.  Each Supper Club has up to 80 guests and we serve everyone at the same time across 3 feasting tables stacked out with masses of candles and seasonal blooms. Everyone uses Sheffield cutlery from W Wright just over the road. 

Our food is made from scratch by The Mowbray Kitchen and follows our rule of seasonal, local and the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Each Supper Club is a different menu - and sometimes not revealed until the menus are on the tables. Each event is a different feast - sometimes inspired by travels, season or sometimes just an epic ingredient. Each Feast is served as sharing plates between guests to ensure social eating and conversation always flows effortlessly! 

We always create a custom cocktail list for each event - so just as the Kitchen gets to flex their creativity - so does The Bar - putting into play house infusions, home brews and cocktails. 

We have a whole host of regular guests now, and we always sell out (thank you brilliant people!) - and it is an incredible social event - as many people now book and dine together from meeting at previous events. We welcome thousands of guests a year to our Supper & Lunch Clubs - they are always vibrant, fun and delicious! We hope if you’ve been to one of our events you’ll drop us a vote! 


The Mowbray 


The Mowbray was built in 1889 by a prominent Sheffieldian - Robert Huntley. He was a steel merchant - which was what the building was originally used for. Fast forward to 2015 we were lucky enough to start a long 3 year restoration on this magnificent building - our first since we restored and opened The Chimney House. The restoration was all about the preservation of the building whose architecture was inspired by a methodist chapel - with beautiful touches such as the four arched windows and triple height ceilings - while being a true industrial building.  

Our trademark in whichever Sheffield building we restore is to protect, preserve, restore, reclaim but also to project modernity and good vibes! The Mowbray took us 3 years to complete - we added a mezzanine level which took our usable space right up to the tip of the top of the building and also to join 2 buildings together to allow us to develop Up On The Roof our private first floor terrace. 

We worked with Sheffield design team 93 - for our design and 93 Makes to make it happen! They now have their HQ on our first floor studio space! Every material that has gone into The Mowbray has been sourced and reclaimed - and then given new purpose to create the inner workings of the space. From the 1940’s glass bricks reclaimed from a derelict bus depot which are now our chandelier and wall lights to the reclaimed gym school timber floors which make our tables to the slate that covers the bar - which was rescued from the side of a hospital building that was due to be demolished to the 150yr old mahogany cabinet that was pulled out of a Kelham Island pub before it was gutted - just a couple of stories that give the building its authenticity and positive vibes. This follows on from how we restored The Chimney House - and continues with how we are restoring The Victoria our next historical building from 1884. 

We always champion Sheffield teams - from design and build, architecture, all trades are always from the City and we seek out highly skilled artisans to complete key parts of the restoration. 

From opening in 2018 - we welcome thousands of guests through the doors of The Mowbray - we share our industrial heritage with everyone - often presenting to hundreds of people about our Sheffield journey - and are often asked to speak at events about our care and love of Sheffield industrial buildings. 

We’re so proud to be made in Sheffield so that everything that we do comes from that love - from the suppliers we use and recommend - all Sheffield artisans and makers to the ingredients we source for The Kitchen - local, regional - sustainable, organic, best we can get - we do it without compromise - from our team to of course our Sheffield cutlery - with a bespoke ‘Mowbray’ finish from W Wright over the road. 

We even have our own ‘essence’ a custom incense made as a collaboration with Sheffield’s botanical artisan Essence & Alchemy - which we burn before and during each event at The Mowbray. Woody and smoky with floral undertones reflect the area, the building’s history and future. We drew inspiration from the origin of Neepsend and the local flora and fauna. Woody essential oils with earthy vetiver, smoky rosewood and cade capture the essence of woodland clearing and charcoal production in the 17th Century to the industrial metalworking use of the building in the 20th. A woodland floor of wild geraniums and herb robert and a cutting garden on the roof of the Mowbray today inspired the floral tones of rose geranium and palmarosa.

The Mowbray has always been a sensory building all the way through from when we first started the restoration - things we saw along the way obviously - but also smells, feels and captures of light and foliage growing wild in the building. As part of the story we wanted to give The Mowbray its own identity through one of our favourite mediums - scent. Scent or essence of a building has always been important to us - it’s something that can trigger a memory or a feeling and instantly have an impact. It can also soothe, calm and create a positive mindset.

Now our building hosts incredible events on a daily basis - seven days a week - all year round. From car and product launches to wellness events, gatherings and forums to our own sell out supper and lunch clubs to beautiful weddings and sumptuous ‘grand dining’ to daily meetings and conferences. We positively welcome guests from all over the world most weeks who are visiting the City and the privilege is all ours when it comes to telling everyone our made in Sheffield story. 




Mow's is our little inner city coffee hangout! Come and see us at the front of Laundry for Hair at Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel Street - serving up excellent coffee and anytime eating seven days a week.  

On the go? Call at our street side hatch - or step into our inner City coffee sanctum and stay a while. You'll find comfy reclaimed bus seats, books, journals and always friendly chatter. Mow's is our City Centre outpost for The Mowbray and The Chimney House - and soon The Victoria. 

See You At Mow’s

Cool in the Summer and cosy in the Winter - there's original red brick and vintage leathers, a custom made coffee counter of antique marble and reclaimed timbers and leafy green plants peeking at you from shelves and corners.

Best seat in the house? Pull a school science lab stool up to the espresso bar first thing in the morning just as the light creeps through the door and watch the world go by…

Coffee First

Our goal is a 'coffee first' cafe experience with a beautiful but pretense free coffee menu that features guest coffees and local house favourites.Everything is chosen by hand and an exacting eye and has a great story behind it. We spend a lot of time building relationships with some of the most interesting roasters locally and in the UK and around the world to bring you new and diverse tastes and flavours some of which you won't find in many parts of the UK. We tend to buy in small batches so when it's gone it's gone - but you'll always have new coffee to taste and we have new stories to tell…

Eat Any Time

The Mowbray Kitchen have a hand in Mow's - and we've adopted a 'eat any time' ethos for breakfast/brunch/lunch approach. The sort of food you fancy anytime - which doesn't need a time on a clock!

Plenty of coffee food as well - the best pastries, cakes and bakes we can get our hands on locally. 

More Mow’s

We opened Mow's in partnership with barista Sam Gilmer during Lockdown 02. Mow's is testament that with some determination - sometimes the most challenging of times can be time well spent creating new and interesting experiences...

Mow's is available for Private Hire after 4pm for classes, workshops and training. Perfect for one to ones for the coffee connoisseur and brilliant for team away days for anyone who fancies mastering the art of great coffee craft. 


Voting is all via The Exposed website! We'd be so grateful if you can keep us in mind and vote for us! Voting is open until the middle of April 2024!

Vote Here!

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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