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Womenkind - The Menopause Transition Edition

A Seasonal Lift

As the Autumn approaches and another seasonal shift is underway - on Sunday the 8th of October we gathered with a full house - for a day's retreat to tap into great vibes, positivity and kindness giving your heart, mind, body and soul reassurance, knowledge and comfort. 

This edition of WOMENKIND was designed to give women essential information, reassurance and answers from a group of leading experts specialising in the Menopause transition.

We were delighted to welcome Dr Lindsey Thomas and an esteemed group of women specialists to The Mowbray for an inspiring day with a gentle group of like minds for an uplifting, and empowering day. 

Our Day...

The Yoga

Yoga for lightness and breath with Rebecca Lee Close Yoga

Designed to offer a taste of how you can help improve some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, as well as practices that you can introduce into your life prior to those changes occurring, being ‘meno-prepared’.

Rebecca shared a wonderful practice of light movement, relaxation techniques, and breath techniques that can be included as a whole, or individually into your cyclical lives. 

The Morning Session

Started with Jolly Tea & Plum + Walnut Tea Loaf (v, g)

We loved our micro self care session with Polly from Jolly Allotment - who asked us 'How do you feel? What do I need'? And a beautiful introduction to Jolly Tea...

Introduction to the menopause transition and holistic management with our host Dr. Lindsey Thomas of Myla Health

How to optimise sleep with Dr. Zoe Schaedel


Sex and the menopause with Dr. Olivia Hum

Q&A and group chat

Lunchtime Social 

A FEAST by The Mowbray Kitchen - served up feasting style on our candlelit tables for passing, sharing and enjoying!

This Feast has been created with a balance of seasonal nourishment and treaty indulgence...

Let's Feast

House-made wholewheat pitas (v, ve ,g)

Mowbray-made hummus topped with homemade seed dukkah (v, ve)

Grilled broccoli with homemade ricotta and hazelnuts (v)

Poached Salmon with shaved fennel and lemon; served with chervil mayonnaise 

Or for our vegetarian guests: Braised leeks, with stilton and chestnuts

Roasted heritage beetroot with pearl barley, shallots, watercress & mint (v, ve, g)

Organic Bedlam squash, roasted with garlic, thyme and rosemary; served with cannellini beans & cavolo nero pesto (v) 


Brown sugar PAV with Montebourg creme fraiche and poached quince, pears, blackberries & figs (v)

(v) = vegetarian   (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

The Afternoon Session

Healthy nutrition for midlife with Jo Meadows Nutrition  

Mid Afternoon Tea & Dark Cherry & Pecan Flourless Chocolate Cake 

Keeping your skin glowing through the menopause with Rebecca Elsdon of Re-Skin 

Q&A and group chat

Mindfulness with Rachel Pickering - Oasis Hypnocoach


We were so lucky to be supported by some wonderful brands... 

Ancient & Brave

Ancient + Brave are a mission driven wellness brand with an award-winning range of collagen, MCT and nootropic blends.

Since day one Ancient + Brave have embraced innovation and sustainability. Their functional blends and supplements are efficacious, potent and easy to use. 

The combination of the Ancient is the use and understanding of ancestral wisdom and ritual within wellbeing. Whilst Brave embraces scientific advances in ingredients and wellness strategies. 

Ancient + Brave award-winning innovative formulas deliver optimal daily nutrition designed to help you think, feel and look your best.

Truly passionate about being a B Corp and supporting 1% for the Planet.

Ancient + Brave believe in the power of rituals. Their products are easy to take as part of your daily wellness ritual so you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits that come from consistency.

Essence & Alchemy

Essence + Alchemy created our bespoke essence - The Mowbray incense - and we're huge fans of this beautiful brand...

Founded in 2015 by Lesley Bramwell, Essence + Alchemy is an experiment in design, ritual and natural fragrance focused on handcrafting beautiful sustainable collections with honesty and transparency to support natural well-being through the physical elements of fire, air, water and the earth. Combining the theories of traditional aromatherapy, ancient alchemy and well-considered design, Essence + Alchemy brings together a portfolio of consciously made, uniquely scented products influenced by the natural world, alchemy, mythology and imagination.

Jolly Allotment 

Gifted us her 'Little Book of Goodness for Wellness' - which includes her famous nourishing bone broth recipe

What you eat directly affects your emotional and physical health and wellbeing. At Jolly Allotment gut health is at the core of everything we do - we create retreats, events and experiences in nature to inspire and motivate you to reconnect with yourself for a calmer, healthier and more abundant life.

Woo Woo 

The Better Menopause

And lovely invites and gifts from Re-Skin and Myla Health

Thank you's

A huge and heartfelt thank you to a brilliant group of experts curated by  Dr. Lindsey Thomas of Myla Health

Dr. Zoe Schaedel

Dr. Olivia Hum

Jo Meadows Nutrition  

Rebecca Elsdon of Re-Skin 

Rachel Pickering  

An extra special thank you to the magical Polly Baldwin for capturing our day most beautifully as well as her amazing Jolly Tea!

Thank you to Rebecca Lee Close for such a thoughtful yoga practise and so much to work into everyday life... 

And of course THANK YOU to a wonderful room of amazing guests - who came together to share, discuss, ask, learn and who made our first WOMENKIND event - a really special day...

Coming Up...

Our next WOMENKIND event will be in February 2024 - drop a line to to let us know if you'd like to join us! 

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