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WREATH - Leafy Couture

We teamed up with our lovely neighbour, Cat from Moss and Clover Kelham to deliver a totally gorgeous, festive and plentiful wreath making workshop, WREATH.

Our glorious Christmas tree arrived from Whirlow Farm, just in the nick of time! A sprinkling of Mowbray magic later - the room was twinkling with festive vibes!

Cat arrived early Saturday morning amongst 3 crammed car loads of foliage, moss and florals! It’s was a sight to behold and The Mowbray smelt incredible!

Spiced wine warming, Mowbray minces’ in the oven we transformed The Mowbray into wreath making wonderland... We set up 4 gorgeous work benches, each guest place set with a copper wire frame, floristry wire plus an abundant supply of spruce and moss.

Candles lit and drape drawn, our 50 guests filed through the factory doors, welcomed in to the warmth by a tray of delicious Mowbray spiced wine and a warm mince pie.

Step One - Moss & Spruce

Once every had found their spot to work, we all gathered around the welcome table for a first step demo! Cat ran through mossing & sprucing the frames with a couple of top tips and tricks of the trade. The room was a hive of activity!

Step Two - Foliage

The room regathered for second glorious step - foliage! Cat demonstrated techniques of how to place, mix and attach foliage for maximum impact and festive delight! Selections were made from the gorgeous array of green on offer; eucalyptus, olive, pussy willow, blue and green thistles, pinus, wax flower, hydrangea, brunia and dried lavender to mention a few!

Once again the room was buzzing with creativity and excitement, aided by a continual flow of spiced wine and fizz!

Step Three - Luxury Touches

Approaching the final step, it was time to add those luxury touches. Cinnamon, dried citrus fruit, pine cones and seed pods, berries and a beautiful ribbons for that super luxe splash of colour.

At this point, everybody's wreaths began to take their own identity! These leafy works of art neared completion, ready to adorn doorways of Sheffield for the festive season ahead!

What a total JOY!

A massive thanks to Cat from Moss & Clover Kelham and to all our fabulous guests for buying tickets to WREATH, we absolutely LOVE having you down to The Mowbray!

DON'T MISS! Christmas Cheese

Friday 7th December from 5.30pm

£15 per person

Join us for a gorgeous evening of delicious British Cheeses from the UK’s very best producers with homemade chutneys, a glass of Mowbray spiced wine and MUST-HAVE Mowbray Mince Pies (plus, other tasty bites) for all round great vibes!



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