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Yoga & Supper - Here’s What To Expect!

Some Time For You

If you’re looking for a really lovely evening on Friday night on the 15th of March - setting the scene for the perfect start to the weekend - we'd love for you to join us! This is going to be a really blissful time away from the hustle and bustle of the week!

Here’s what to expect! 

Our yoga events are perfect to come to with a group of friends or just as you are (lots of people book just for one)

The Mowbray will be delectably warm, cosy and this session has been designed to be beautifully rejuvenating and completely peaceful…Our supper tables will be laid ready, full of twinkling candles and sparking glassware…

You’ll be welcomed as soon as you arrive, shown where to place your mat and you can get settled in with an infusion and a warm welcome…

There’s always a room full of like minded folk - and there’s always a lovely gentle chatter as our guests get settled in 

Our evening yoga has plenty of room and space between mats - our custom Mowbray incense subtly floats on the air - we’ll also be lit by candlelit alongside the faintest glimmer from our reclaimed chandelier… 

The yoga session with Rebecca Lee Close is designed for everybody, plus Rebecca guides you each step of the way with plenty of suggestions and advice for adjustments - there’s always so much compassion, humour and care in our sessions - it immediately puts you at ease…

When everyone has arrived we get started - with gentle movements to liberate your shoulders and spine in all directions - saying goodbye to fatigue from the week…

Once set free from lethargy, we will flow toward more energising and empowering movements that will leave you feeling ready and excited for the evening and weekend to come. 

"One of our favourite things is laying on our mat - looking up to the beams and the walls of The Mowbray - it’s such a different viewpoint to usual! The building was originally built in 1889 - as a Steel Merchants for a prominent Sheffieldian - it always brings a smile to my face when I think of what Robert Huntley must think if he could see the building now!"

It’s then socks, jumper and cosy blanket time…To complete the session, prepare to surrender to the loving embrace of yoga nidra. This deeply restorative practice of meditative rest that will lead you into a state of profound relaxation, where time seems to stand still and worries fade into the background…It’s quite literally a completely blissful state - safe, peaceful - completely relaxed….

Meanwhile - as if by magic - our team will have made the final preparations for Supper - and once you’re ready to leave your mats - you’ll be shown to your seats for Supper!

What a Feast we have prepared for you! We make, bake and cook everything from scratch - and this is a custom supper designed to nourish, surprise, delight and treat each and every sense. This is a really soulful meal with the most delicious pudding to round things off… Sticky toffee date pudding with Lapsang Souchong caramel sauce & yoghurt cream!


Wholemeal grilled flatbreads (v, ve, g)

Grilled sevri peppers with zaatar (v, ve, contains sesame)

Roast heritage carrots with sweet roasted garlic yoghurt (v)

Lamb or cauliflower shawarma - marinated with fragrant spices & grilled over the flames

Baked pilau rice - with whole spices & caramelised shallots (v)

Grilled hispi cabbage salad with smoky chilli, lemon & toasted almonds (v, ve, contains nuts)


Sticky toffee date pudding with Lapsang Souchong caramel sauce & yoghurt cream (v, g)

(v) = vegetarian  (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

We’ll also have a beautiful list of 0% cocktails or boozy tipples to order as well…Alongside a well deserved glass of wine if you fancy it!

The tables are always filled full of laughter and lovely moments as connections are made and conversations had. It is quite simply - the loveliest of times!

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Photos by Polly A Baldwin

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