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All Hallows Feast - Sold Out!

2nd November 2018 - 19:30

Price: £35 per person

Sold Out

The Inspiration

The Mowbray Feast of All Hallows will begin at sunset on November 2nd - midway between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice.
Peer beyond the opulent drapes reaching well in to the eaves of our magnificent building, a promise of warmth and comfort for an evening of glorious feasting. You'll be greeted by the golden glow of flickering candle light, guiding you to through to an abundant feast of All Saints and Hallow Souls.

In the name of tradition from ancient Pagan Festival Samhain, Mexican Festival, Dia de Muertos and Hallowe'en, we prepare a sumptuous feast of epic proportions straight from The Mowbray Kitchen.

Samhain represents the end of a golden harvest and the start of the "darker half" of the year. Dia de Muertos are traditional South American celebrations for The Day of The Dead and All Hallows is The Feast of All Saints. These historical feasting rituals invite souls of the dead, beckoned to attend where a place would be set at the table for them.

All of these ancient traditions mark the end of an abundant summer and a plentiful yield of fruit and fat of the land. These rituals inspire a magnificent All Hallows feast, filled with ancient techniques of pickling, fermenting and smoking - used to preserve supplies for the cold winter months ahead, sustaining families and villages through to spring.


Starters to share // Cured/Smoked/Preserved

We’ve been collecting ingredients while they’re at their best, preserving them and planning ahead for the end of harvest. We’re hoping to get hold of some delicious wild rabbits, which we’ll slowly confit with sweet spices and citrus peel until it’s soft enough to smoosh on our Mowbray loaf.

Red Mullet should be plentiful and delicious. It has a full flavour, so is the perfect fish to lightly pickle.

At the end of summer, before the frost comes we’ll be celebrating the wondrous vegetables; squash, beetroot, celeriac, greens and looking forward to putting on our winter coats by indulging in some lovely pies and puds.

Mowbray Bread & Butter

Wild Rabbit Rillette & Pickled Plums

Lightly Soused Red Mullet

Brined & Charred Celeriac

Pickles for Winter (and other things we’ve foraged and kept)

Pie de Muerto

On the ‘Day of the Dead’ it is traditional to decorate loaves in the spirit of the festival; Pan de Muerto. We celebrate the venison season by lovingly braising it with wine and spices, serving it up with our Mowbray smash and some gorgeous greens.

Rich Venison Pie spiced with Juniper & Chilli

Slow Roast and Spiced Hearty Homity Pie (v)

Mowbray Smash (Lightly Smoked Potatoes smashed with Butter, Sea Salt & Black Pepper)

Greens & Black Garlic Oil

Puddings to Share

The blackberries came early this year as Summer did, so we’ve grabbed them while we can and plonked them straight in Gin. For our puds we’ve looked back on our own traditions in the spirit of Hallowe’en and Bonfire night.

Dark Chocolate Torte with Wild Blackberries preserved in Gin

Pumpkin Pie

Bonfire Toffee Apples


We’ll have a well stocked bar with some delightful boozy and non-boozy options to help things along! We'll also be drinks matching and will have some sublime wine to pre-order or buy on the night!

Come and join us! Tickets are limited - so please book well in advance!

Earlybird tickets available...

Sold Out
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