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All New! Feast Club - Number 2

19th June 2021 - 19:00

Price: £38

Feast Clubs

Just before we closed the doors through the pandemic -  we had a series of ‘FEAST’ suppers planned...A joyful celebration of great ingredients throughout the year. 

We have 3 Feast Club dates through June to play with - each with a different menu - which couldn’t have come a better time! British produce should really be coming through the markets, as well as fantastic fruits from further afield. 

Feast Clubs are the perfect dining occasion for any lover of fresh, seasonal and delicious food. Our feasts are served through a series of feast plates - so ideal for discovery and grazing through new and old favourite seasonal ingredients... 

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A Grand Reveal!

June’s Feast Club #2 is a grand reveal of some of the delights that the Summer season has in store for us, with great promises from the ocean and the land. Abundance comes hand in hand with an explosion of taste and the first of the season’s brights. We’re expecting jovial plates brimming with character. The menu will be announced a week or so before the night.

The Summer Solstice Feast

Dishes will be rolled out throughout the evening, so please tuck in and share as they land!

Mowbray-made granary with salted butter (v, g)

Duck eggs & English asparagus with lovage mayonnaise & sea salt (v)

Chilled courgette soup, with basil sour cream (v)

Chalk stream trout with radishes & sorrel 

Or for our vegetarian guests:

Isle of wight tomato tartlet with feta (v, g)

Lemon & caper marinated lamb cutlets - chargrilled

Or for our vegetarian guests:

Mowbray-made gnocchi with fresh English peas, broad beans & mascarpone (v, g)

Roasted English carrots with shaved Berkswell sheep’s cheese & tarragon (v)

Summer cauliflower roasted with our house-made Harissa (v)

Jersey royals, baked with hard herbs from our garden. With sour cream verde - packed with fresh herbs & garlic (v)

To Finish

Chargrilled apricots, drizzled with honey & Longley creme fraiche

Roast strawberry & almond tart (g, n)

(v) = vegetarian (g) = contains gluten (n) = contains nuts

Please note, not all allergens are indicated here. Please ask for more information

Kitchen Notes for June

Artichoke / asparagus / aubergine / beetroot / broad beans / broccoli / carrots / chillies / courgettes /  fennel / french beans / garlic / jersey royal new potatoes / kohlrabi / mangetout / new potatoes / onions / pak choi / peas / radishes / rocket /  runner beans / samphire / spinach, spring onions / tomatoes / turnips / watercress / wild nettles/ apricots / bilberries / blueberries / cherries / gooseberries / greengages / peaches  / strawberries / basil / chervil / chives / coriander / dill / elderflowers / oregano / mint / nasturtium / curly parsley / flat leafed parsley /  rosemary / sage / sorrel / tarragon  / thyme/ lamb / wood pigeon / cod / coley / crab / haddock / halibut / herring / langoustine / plaice /  pollack / prawns / salmon / sardines / queen scallops/ sea bream / sea trout/ shrimp / squid, whelks / whitebait

What to Expect

Feast Clubs are all based around produce and hyper thoughtful ingredients - which we’ll present to you in a rolling extravaganza of plate after plate, bowl after bowl action - typically between 8-10 dishes and a couple of puds to finish… Each Feast Club in June will be a different Feast - so plenty to look forward to!

Come a Little Earlier!

Join us for a couple of aperitivos between 5pm and 7pm. If the weather is lovely - we’ll be Up On The Roof for these…Just let us know if you’d like to join us pre Supper Club by opting for ‘Pre Dinner Drinks’ on the drop down!

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