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Curry Kebab Shop - Saturday Night

28th November 2020 - 17:00

Price: From £8

Curry Vibes!

On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th November our Takeaway Kebab Shop is going big on curry house vibes! We’re tuning into some of our favourite flavours for vibrancy and taste -  and as always, a tasty selection of sides and extras to max out on weekend takeaway treats - perfect good mood food! 

Our Kebab flatbreads will be made with a mix of plain & wholemeal chapati flour for even more flavour - and grilled over our chargrill as always. We’ll be toasting and grinding our house spice mixes for authentic flavours with a Mowbray touch!

We’re working on a perfectly spiced ‘Mowbray-Masala’ hot sauce, and our ‘pickle tray’ fries are otherworldly…. 


It's best to get your order in by 4pm Thursday 26th - however orders will still be open until we sell out! 

As with all of our Kebab Shops - we ask you to preorder - as our babs tend to fly out... Orders are now open - and everything can be ordered through our online shop.

Ordering & Collection

You will be able to choose a time slot to collect your order when you checkout. Please double check you have ordered for the correct day!

Orders are to be collected from The Mowbray, 118 Mowbray Street, S3 8FE - please wear a mask. If you are exempt just let us know in the comments! Please provide us with a phone number in the comments box when you check out, in case we need to contact you regarding your order.

Order Here

The Takeaway


As ever - our flatbreads are freshly made. Rolled & stretched then cooked in minutes over our roaring chargrill.

Lamb Seekh

Spiced minced lamb with tarka daal ‘hummus’. Our house-blend spice mix makes this kebab incredibly tasty! // £9 (g)

‘Tandoori style’ chicken

Free range chicken marinated with yoghurt and gentle spices - chargrilled and smothered with cashew butter curry sauce // £9 (g)

Pakora Kebab

Cauliflower & leek crispy pakora with tarka daal ‘hummus’ // £8 (v, g)

All kebabs are topped with shredded iceberg, sweet pickled onions, garlic & mint yoghurt sauce 


House Fries  // £3 (v, ve)

Pickle tray fries: House fries topped with all the favourite pickle tray flavours! Sweet mango & lime pickle sauce, ‘Mowbray Masala’ hot sauce and cooling garlic & mint yoghurt sauce. W // £4 (v)

Pakoras & pickle: two of our house-made veggie pakora with ‘Mowbray Masala’ hot sauce and garlic & mint yoghurt sauce // £5 (v)

Punjabi style cabbage: A delicious salad of shredded cabbage, fresh ginger and rich toasted spices with a delicious sweet and sour flavour // £3 (v, ve)

Tomato, cucumber, feta & pomegranate raita // Chunky and cheesy in light yoghurt dressing. Flavoured with toasted coriander & cumin, fresh mint & coriander and a Greek twist of crumbled feta & fresh pomegranate seeds // £3.50 (v)

Garlic & mint yoghurt sauce // £1 (v)

‘Mowbray-Masala’ hot sauce; nicely spicy! // £1 (v, ve)

Sweet mango & lime pickle sauce // £1 (v, ve)


Baked cardamom & orange doughnuts with dark chocolate sauce // £4

Frozen ‘lassi’ - mango & yoghurt frozen parfait. Topped with toasted coconut // £4

2 Scoops of Our Cow Molly vanilla ice cream // £3 (v)

(v) = vegetarian   (ve) = vegan   (g) = contains gluten Please note, not all allergens are indicated here. Gluten free pita can be provided instead of a house-made flatbread - just let us know in the comments! Please note we cannot guarantee any of our Kebab Shop items are free from gluten, dairy or any other allergens.

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