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Day of The Dead - A Supper Club

3rd November 2022 - 18:30

Price: £45

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Día de los Muertos

Ease into November and join us on Thursday 3rd for an absolute treat - our last available Supper Club of 2022. 

After a complete sell out for The Feast of All Hallows - which happens the day after on the 4th of November - we’re proud to present our version of the spectacular Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead.

We love the bright vibrancy of this feast - and depths of taste and lightness of touches our chefs have with some beautiful ingredients. 

This menu is reflective of exceptional seasonal produce and stars a Mowbray champion - the magnificent 30 day aged Picanha - an absolute treat - and a perfect feasting plate partner. 

This is a perfect feasting experience for lovers of joyful spirit raising food - with stacks of flavour. As ever - each element of our feast has been made by hand from The Mowbray Kitchen and is packed with flavour and tailored towards creating a beautiful meal. 

The Bar

We’ll be shaking and making some delicious cocktails to match the menu - plenty of Margarita action! We’re also working on some lovely home brew infusions to include as well!

The Feast

A rolling feast for the senses - served in flickering candlelight

Crispy, house made tortillas & grilled flatbreads

Salsa & frijoles (braised with home smoked chillies & onions) (v)

Tuna or Salmon ceviche - fresh fish dressed with lime, chilli & coriander. 

Crispy house-made tortilla

House made tamales - stuffed with adobo pork shoulder, in a corn dough, steamed in the husk, with mole sauce for dipping

With black bean & cheese for our vegetarian guests

30 day aged Picanha, chargrilled & roasted whole - with chimichurri 

Sweet potato & lentil empanada with chimichurri for our vegetarian guests

Cucumber & kohlrabi with avocado & jalapeno dressing (v)

Baked rice, gently spiced, with tomatoes & onions (v)


Mowbray-made doughnuts with dulce de leche & dark chocolate sauce (v)

House made milk ice cream (v)

Barbequed pineapple with pink peppercorn (v)

(v) = vegetarian

*subject to change*

Arrivals & How To Book

Arrivals are from 18.30 if you’d like to start early at the bar! 

We’ll be inviting you to take your seats for dinner at 19.30 - with the Feast beginning at 19.45.

Just let us know if you’ll be joining us early - otherwise we’ll see you from 19.00

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