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French Cine :: Supper Club

4th October 2019 - 19:00

Price: £35 per person

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Bienvenue à La Mowbray!

We’re beyond excited to present the first in our series of Cine Supper Clubs… Secret film screenings, great food and an excellent soundtrack go together like freshly baked baguettes, lescure butter and a glass of Bourgogne Pinot Noir. You guessed it, it’s our French Bistro Supper Club! Je suis au paradis!

La Scène

Le Banquet :: Simplicity is the essence of French cooking. The Mowbray Kitchen are working on a truly magnificent menu… Authentic provincial flavours and techniques mixed with superb Yorkshire ingredients, served up in big beautiful ceramics and antiques glassware on magnifique feasting tables.

SPOILER! There’s a whisper of super slow cooked beef cheek bourguignon, red wine, mushrooms, pancetta, baby onions and french cut rooftop herbs… But, shhhhh!

Le Bar :: Just like The French, we’re passionate about our drinks. We will of course have a brilliant and sophisticated wine list, perfectly matched with our menu – but some more unusual French offerings await in our liquor cabinet!

Visual Delights :: We’re bringing you a good dose of French nostalgia and glamour. A secret screening from the glory days of French cinema featuring the likes of Jean Luc Goddard… Effortlessly chic table styling with the most delightful details, antique glassware and freshly cut herbs amongst the ambient amber candlelight. A feast for the eyes!

Radio Mowbray :: We’re taking you on an audio mini break from Paris to The Loire Valley… Some offbeat 60’s pop from Francoise Hardy & Jacquleine Taieb to French chanson with a few FIP favs for good measure!

Take your time, savour and enjoy each single dish. We want you to spend the evening relaxing, indulging and taking great delight in a beautifully curated evening celebrating the greatness of French food, drink, film and music.

We cater for all dietary requirements but if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

Sold Out
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