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Friday Night Takeaway! Sold Out

30th October 2020 - 18:00

Price: From £8

Sold Out

The Friday Night Takeaway!

This week - we're running another takeaway service - this time on Friday - so you can order as much or as little as you'd like, choose a time for collection between 5-8.00pm and call down to The Mowbray to pick it up for a sublimely tasty Friday night Feast!

We're also busy bottling up ready to pour cocktails for you to have a tipple or two with your takeaway which you can preorder when you order your food. There's the option when you collect that you can also top up your supplies of wine and local beer from The Mowbray Bar if you like - we'll even add in a little discount!

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The Menu

The Little Kebab Shop...Of Horrors!

Nothing spooky about our flatbreads! All freshly made over our roaring chargrill with scratch-made fillings


‘Silence of the Lamb’ - lamb meatballs spiced with homemade harissa with house-made hummus // £9 (g)

‘Chick or Treat’ - Crispy buttermilk chicken marinated with paprika, lemon, garlic and oregano  // £8 (g)

‘A Clockwork Aubergine’ - Smoky roasted aubergine & house-made hummus  // £8 (v, g)

All kebabs are topped with shredded iceberg, sweet pickled onions, garlic yoghurt sauce & fresh coriander

Like it spicy? Add our Mowbray Hot Sauce! Made from charred chillies & peppers // 50p


House Fries  // £3 (v, ve, g)

‘Haunted House fries’: Fries topped with bacon, smoked cheddar & BBQ sauce // £4.50 (g)

Dukkah fries: Fries topped with garlic sauce, hot sauce & dukkah // £4 (v, n)

‘House slaw-ter’ - crunchy veg dressed with rapeseed oil, toasted spices & sherry vinegar // £2 (v, ve)

Mowbray made hummus topped with dukkah // £3 (v, ve, n)

Chargrilled flatbread brushed with garlic & coriander oil // £5 (v, ve, g)

Pickled lombardy peppers // £1 (v, ve)

Mowbray hot sauce // £1 (v, ve) 

‘STAY PUFT’ - Marshmallow cookies with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce // £5 (g)
‘DEATH BY CHOCOLATE ‘- Pecan brownie with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream // £5 (v, g, n)

Friday Night Takeaway Tipples

Marmalade Margarita - 2 Servings (25Cl)

Espresso Martini - 2 Servings (25Cl)

Classic Negroni // 25cl (2 servings)

The Not So Old Fashioned - 4 small servings (25cl)


Please be sure to wear your face mask when you collect - if you're exempt from wearing a face covering - just let us now!

There may be a short time to wait depending on how busy we are - you can take a socially distanced seat in The Mowbray!

Sold Out
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