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The Holiday Feast Supper Club

8th September 2023 - 19:00

Price: £38

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Take Us Back!

First Friday back after hols and we’re already looking for some feel good spirit lifting vibes via a delicious feasting table! Say hello to our Holiday Feast Supper Club! This gorgeous feast will gently take you by the hand and lead you on a taste sensational journey back to warmer climes and beachy vibes! 

Perfect for lovers of flavour and mopping up lots of sauce with flatbreads - it's the ultimate social sharing feast to pass and enjoy between your booking... Perfect if there's 2 of you or a full table of friends - this Feast will put a lovely holiday spring back in your step... At least for the weekend!

September Feasting 

We have two Supper Clubs in September - and both have been designed to remind us that there’s so much good stuff to look forward to towards the end of the year! 



Chargrilled flatbreads with garlic & coriander oil (v, g)

Crispy cauliflower & chickpea samosas with garlic pickle chutney & toasted cumin raita (v, g)

Mowbray ‘Kachumber’ - a simple chopped salad of crunchy cucumber, tomato & onion - dressed with coriander & lemon (v)


Slow roasted lamb rib dhansak; tender on the bone lamb smothered in a rich & vibrant sauce with lentils, tamarind & freshly toasted spices 

For our vegetarian guests; Spiced & roasted aubergine with butter sauce; a rich & creamy sauce with tomato, garlic & fenugreek (v, contains nuts)

Baked Pilau Rice enriched with beautiful whole spices! Flavoured with burnt shallots (v)

British greens with charred okra & paneer (v)


Spiced sticky toffee pudding with Mowbray made vanilla & cardamom ice cream (v, g)

(v) = vegetarian   (g) = contains gluten

The Bar

As ever - The Mowbray Bar has curated a clutch of specialist cocktails designed to complement the feasting menu. We’ll also have our full bar menu available as well. 

Limoncello Sabia 

Limoncello, prosecco and soda water - garnished with fresh kaffir lime leaves

If you’re not familiar with Limoncello, it’s a punchy little liqueur that traditionally used to wash down a hearty meal. We’ve put a little spin on it with this spritz, full of bright lemon flavour balanced with bright kaffir leaf garnish! Bubbly and effervescent with that same citrus bite.

Coriander Smash 

London dry gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup & fresh coriander 

We’re loving this simple spin on a refreshing gin sour classic - with fresh coriander muddled in it’ll made the perfect pairing to the Holiday Club Feast!

Lassi Colada Slush 

Cardamom infused white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice & lime juice.

A lovely rich, smooth cocktail - somewhere between a fun rum pina colada and coconut lassi yoghurt drink all blended together to make a perfectly refreshing slushy! 

Chai Old Fashioned 

Chai infused rye whiskey, muscovado simple syrup & orange bitters

A gorgeous infusion with loose leaf chai, a dark flavour of the muscovado syrup and the punch from the whiskey, not to mention the delicate spices on the nose.

How To Book

Arrivals are from 18.30 if you’d like to start early at the bar! 

We’ll be inviting you to take your seats for dinner at 19.30 - with the Feast beginning at 19.45. 

Just let us know if you’ll be joining us early - otherwise we’ll see you from 19.00. 

All bookings are through our online shop - just leave us a note in the comments box at checkout if you’d like to join us earlier and if you have any dietary requirements we need to know about

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