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Kebab Shop

14th October 2020 - 18:00

Price: From £8

Well That Was Tasty...

...Was the 100% feedback from our first Kebab Shop in September!  Come and join us at The Mowbray for more Mowbray flatbreads and Kebabs!

House-recipe dough - rolled & stretched and cooked over our roaring chargrill. Served up with Kebab Shop favs - including beef brisket!

Book Your Place

If you prefer door to door delivery - then hop on City Grab on Wednesday 14th from 6pm and order from the website or from the App... There's also the option to order on the day via City Grab and collect from us in person to save on the taxi fee!

City Grab

The Kebabs!

Pulled beef brisket, glazed with a sweet & spicy sauce // £9 (g)

Chargrilled chicken marinated with paprika, lemon, garlic and oregano  // £8 (g)

Smoky roasted aubergine & house-made hummus  // £8 (v, g)

All kebabs are topped with shredded iceberg, sweet pickled onions, garlic yoghurt sauce & fresh coriander

Like it spicy? Add our Mowbray Hot Sauce! Made from charred chillies & peppers // 50p


House Fries  // £3 (v, ve, g)
Dukkah fries: Fries topped with garlic sauce, hot sauce & dukkah // £4 (v, n)
Spiced house slaw - crunchy veg dressed with rapeseed oil, toasted spices & sherry vinegar // £2 (v, ve)

Mowbray made hummus topped with dukkah // £3 (v, ve, n)
Chargrilled flatbread brushed with garlic & coriander oil // £5 (v, ve, g)

Pickled lombardy peppers // £1 (v, ve)
Mowbray hot sauce // £1 (v, ve)


Almond & Polenta Cake with Honey & Cardamom, and a dollop of Greek Yoghurt // £4.50 (v, n)
Chocolate & Tahini Brownie with caramel & ice cream // £5 (v, g)

(v) = vegetarian (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

Please let us know about any special dietary requirements when you check out, by leaving a note in the comments box - thanks!

2 4 1 On House Spritz

2 4 1 on all House Spritz all night!

Lockdowns & Other Covid Relating Issues

While we're remaining thoroughly optimistic we will be able to keep momentum through these times - we're also realists... 

Perhaps we'll be locked down, maybe not - we just don't know... To plan for that - we'd like to suggest to everyone who has booked or is thinking of booking with us - that if we're able to and the menu allows - we'll switch to The Mowbray at Home - which will allow you to either collect dinner from us - to finish at home - or we'll work together to transfer you to another date. 

How to Book at The Mowbray

We're taking bookings for tables of 2, 3, 4, 5 up to 6.

Secure your place via our online Shop

Buy Now!

We are incredibly fortunate that The Mowbray is a large, airy, well ventilated venue with lots of floor space - meaning we can space our tables and guests with maximum comfort. 

Guests can book a maximum of a table of 6. We will ask to confirm that all members of your table are not in a group required to isolate. We will also ask you to confirm that no members of the party have experienced Covid symptoms.

If you are booking as a couple you may be seated on a shared table 1 meter plus apart from another couple. 

As usual we'll ask you to provide all guests dietary requirements so we can look after you perfectly!

Some dishes will be for your party to share; please let us know how many households are sharing your table, and how many from each.

If you have any questions about Covid guidance and dining out - please just drop us a line - we want to make sure you feel comfortable and excited about coming to dine at The Mowbray!


Since the government announced the re-opening of hospitality venues we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you can dine with us safely whilst still being able to enjoy the atmosphere we offer at our Supper and Lunch Clubs. You can view our COVID Charter here for more information on how we are keeping both you and our staff safe. 

We are taking all steps outlined in our Charter incredibly seriously and we ask that you do too. 

We can't wait to welcome you back to The Mowbray and look forward to meeting any new faces too!

Covid-19 Charter

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