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Mowbray Mealtimes - A Decadent Lunch

2nd March 2019 - 13:00

Price: £22

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As part of The LOVE Event hosted at The Mowbray on Saturday 2nd March we’re hosting 'Mowbray Mealtimes' throughout the afternoon.

Join us for a decadent lunch or the ultimate afternoon tea and experience treats from The Mowbray Kitchen first hand.

Each menu has been carefully designed to give you a chance to sample menus or inspire you to consider the unexpected for your big day - or even the events leading up to it - we host civilised hen parties, rehearsal dinners and even baby showers! It’s the ideal time to experience The Mowbray - in all of its glory!

A Decadent Lunch

Taken from the Laden Table menu - which is one of our signature Feasting Menus, most popular with Mowbray wedding guests - this is a real treat! Our menus are served up Feasting Style and most usually served as our Wedding Feast at anytime of day!

Our menus are all based on great ingredients, local and seasonal where possible. Get a taste of our signature menu which features a wonderful piece of beef from Yorkshire, aged for 32 days, with a nice layer of fat on top to keep the meat juicy & delicious, served with a fresh salsa verde full of fresh herbs and lemon. Our vegetarian and vegan guests won’t miss out either with pillowy soft, Mowbray-made potato gnocchi, sprinkled with our insanely delicious garlic pangrattato. 

Chargrilled Yorkshire 32 dry aged picanha steak, served medium rare, sliced and dressed with Salsa Verde

For our vegetarian/vegan guests
Soft Potato Gnocchi baked with tomatoes, capers & basil topped with crispy garlic pangrattato

Sides to share:
Pickled wild mushrooms tossed with radicchio & Spenwood sheep's cheese
Mowbray made fat cut chips


We love pud so we give our happy couples a choice of over 15 different puds to choose from for their big day. One of our faves is pavlova. It totally represents our unfussy style of feasting as your guests have to get stuck in and share. Plus they look completely magnificent!

Yorkshire Rhubarb PAV; Rosewater & pistachio meringue, poached Yorkshire rhubarb & mascarpone

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