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LOVE Lunch - Postponed Until A Later Date

29th March 2020 - 12:15

Price: £22


We have already contacted all of our guests who had booked on to either of our LOVE Lunches - which have proven super popular - and we will be inviting you all to a spectacular lunch later in the year...

Join us For Lunch 

As part of The LOVE Event hosted at The Mowbray on Sunday 29th of March - we’re hosting two lunches - based around our signature wedding Feast - The Laden Table.

Join us for a decadent lunch and experience treats from The Mowbray Kitchen first hand.

This menu has been carefully designed to give you a chance to sample menus or inspire you to consider the unexpected for your big day - or even the events leading up to it - we host civilised hen parties, rehearsal dinners and even baby showers! It’s the ideal time to experience The Mowbray - in all of its glory!

A Feast of a Lunch

There's an option to book directly with us or through Eventbrite!

Arrivals by 12.15pm at seats for 12.30pm. Our next sitting is at 14.00.


All about the main course of our super special Wedding Feast fav - The Laden Table. This menu is built around a glorious piece of steak, taking inspirations from Italy, and the pick of most delicious seasonal veggies for our delicious sides. 

On the table:

Mowbray-made Focaccia & Single Estate EV Olive Oil (v, ve)

‘Picanha Tagliata’

Our favourite cut of beef, the Picanha 32 day aged Rump Steak, chargrilled and sliced. Dressed with Wild Rocket, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano & Fresh Basil. 

More about the Picanha: The Picanha has a nice piece of fat on top which keeps the meat juicy, but can be easily trimmed off by your guests. Our Picanha comes from Yorkshire-bred cows, and is aged to perfection for 32 days.

Our vegetarian guests will be served:

The Mowbray’s Aubergine Parmigiana;  slowly roasted Aubergine, baked in the most delicious tomato sauce. Topped with melting mozzarella & crispy Pangrattato (crispy garlic breadcrumbs). The meat eaters will be jealous! (v)

Sides to share:

Sweet Squash Roasted with Sage, finished with crumbled Gorgonzola (v)

Sprouting Broccoli with Preserved Tomato Dressing (v, ve)

Wild Rocket & Herb Salad dressed with White Balsamic & Toasted Seeds (v, ve)

Hearty Cannellini Beans braised with Rosemary, White Wine, & Smoked Garlic (v, ve) 

To Finish

Bite-size treats from the Mowbray Kitchen. We always finish our Laden Table with a small treat from the kitchen, perfect with a cup of coffee.

(v)= vegetarian   (ve)= vegan   

How To Book

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There is no minimum or maximum for numbers of seats available for one group.

See you there!

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